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Garry's mod related memes (Jokes, if you dont know what a meme is)
NOTE: If this does not belong in off-topic then feel free to move it.

So then! clearly, most people here like Garry's Mod, and I guess that at least a few people here like memes. So why not combine them together? I'll start the thread.
Sorry they are attachments, I am a noob at putting pictures into threads. Click on them and it will enlarge.

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[Image: D54C4B81B8D8D3575CE58685064C8B9B82E5C9BC...9f5e14.gif]

F*ck gmod. I use SFM.
[Image: 60F8DB896C877C37F528CFFCBC967EC7033E24C8]
[Image: IOhUmJq.png?3]
Yours sincerely,
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