Requirements for becoming Moderator
Requirements to become a Moderator

Let's start with the fact that it's very hard to become administrator here. This is because Fearless has many members and our requirements are strict. It's a goal for a lot of members to become admin one day. You are NOT the only one with this goal. Being admin here is not an easy job, like in most communities. It's a rank with responsibilities and discipline.

Requirements and tips for increasing your chance of promotion:
  • Never ask any of the administrators in any way for an staff position.

  • You must be a member of the forums, Steam Group and you must wear the tag [FL:RP] in front of your name.

  • Act mature, follow the rules and don't mess around when there aren't admins online.

  • Help new people on the server, answer their questions and be supportive. Make sure you don't do backseat administration (you can't punish minges).

  • Don't 'asslick', that means don't be extremely polite or friendly against the admins. This will be noticed. Just act normal towards them like any other person.

  • Be active on the server, this is obvious. We aren't going to promote people that are online an hour per week.

  • Be a good roleplayer. Roleplay decently and not only with admins, but with everybody. RP points aren't needed for that.

  • Take care of your profiles, they represent who you are. Don't fill it up with trolling stuff.

  • Don't be an admin on other Garry's Mod communities or any similar community as Fearless.

  • Don't get banned too often, your ban record should stay as clean as possible. If you have many bans, then try not to get any new bans for at least a few months.
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