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CityRP Gmod 13
I left (been forced) FearLess in the best times Sad

Man there so many improvements
And the bus
I would lie to give some personal feedback by looking at the footage
You obviously do realize it will be a pain in the ass for this bus to be driven on v2d
Literally I'm talking In terms of parking it and refueling
As Adman said, the door animations will be hard to make
But hell, do we even need them? It's such a small thing and it looks pretty good without it
And I know you aren't quite certain about it yet, but don't you think that 15 RP points is a bit much?
I mean, can you tell at least how many RPers we have with 10 RP points?
Like 20 maximum
My word, is it would be perfect for 10 RP points

Thanks to our developers and beta testers
Great job so far!

When GMOD 13 will be released and I will be back
I will probably spend my whole half term playing Fearless :]
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So... I am guessing that the maps will stay as they are on Gmod13?

By the way, the bus looks excellent, though it will be a challenge, I must agree. I just have to ask, is the inside of the bus considered a floor or part of a vehicle?
[Image: FXuQ8Xs.gif]
Termin, are you chewing gum?

And doom, I'm not sure. Though from the video you can see that you cannot walk around whilst it is driving. Maybe if it drives without you sitting down...
But yeah, that mucked up my plans of a hold up. Tongue
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I suppose that making so that you can stand while it's driving is theoretically possible...

But then again, I am an amateur builder and surely no coder, so we'll have to wait for Temar or Soul to reply on that one.
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(10-03-2012, 03:43 PM)Adman Wrote: Termin, are you chewing gum?

He is, like a baws. Rolleyes
The poles near the crosswalks could be no-collided for the Bus model to make driving easier.
Some pics:

[Image: rp_evocity_v2d0013.jpg]

[Image: rp_evocity_v2d0014.jpg]
[Image: wT268i6.png]
The avert on the bus stop I'm gonna change with a Fearless advert for website.

Or a picture of me with my phone number
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No, you must put my name with big blue letters.
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(10-03-2012, 05:51 PM)SoulRipper Wrote: The avert on the bus stop I'm gonna change with a Fearless advert for website.

Or a picture of me with my phone number

Put the player name so its easier for Ban Request
And on the bus waiting points put Fearless forums link
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