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ARMA 2: Combined Operations: Day Z

For those whove always wanted a nice large sandbox FPS zombie survival game, this mod comes about as close as your going to get right now.

Persistant worlds for each server, persistant character data transfered auto between servers as you join them, death is death so if you die, you loose everything you had and start over at another part of the map with basic gear.

You can setup camps, fires, hunt animals for food, clear towns, repair vehicles from cars, bikes, boats, to helicopters "If your lucky"

I actualy did see a helicopter flying for a bit until the guys engine died out mid flight and it smashed into a smoke stack.

The zombies shambleing around are your standard walkers until they know you are there, then they bolt at you 28days later style, unless they are 100% sure your a target, they meerly shamble over, you can hide from them, completely avoid them, or go on a killing spree that ends up attracting every zombie within 2miles to your location due to the gunfire.

There is no infection for players currently, but you can bleed to death ,starve to death, die of dehydration, break bones, get shot by other players who are either just trying to survive like you, players who have become bandits, fall to your death, swarmed by a number of zombies.

There also appears to be 3 types of zombies currently:

Your standard walker/runners who attack only if your spotted

A crawler who can easily get the jump on you if its in tall grass,

And one they call a monkey type, its a zombie that moves around almost like a gorrila making it very hard to hit due to its erratic movement style.

There currently is no local chat either, its entirely global so a ventrillo or teamspeak channel is recomended if you wish to group up.

Though even grouping up isnt so easy, as each person spawnsat a random point on the map, so you could be lucky and spawn in the same town, or even in the next town over, or you could be spawned 50km away.

The map size is the standard ARMA 2 map of 225km Squared.

Hope to see people on this mod sometime and be aware, its currently in its alpha stages and updates very often
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Even though I usually HATE zombie games, This might be an exeption.
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Saw this on armaholic aswell though I usually hate zombie mod in games.
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MEh, seen better.
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(05-03-2012, 10:25 PM)Sharkie Wrote: MEh, seen better.

Huh? From what I've heard this game is basically a survival simulator with zombies.

Care to give a link of what's better than this?
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Comee plaay.
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I've got ArmA 2, and yes, it's an epic war simulator.. and now it's with this kewl zombie mod.
Thanks for posting this, this mod will make me play the game a lot more I think. Smile
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Saw this on /vg/, it looks great!
It's fun, but since it's on Alpha stage, you can expect a hellload of bugs and glitches.
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I love it so far.

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