Server down? STOP! Read this first.
The purpose of this thread is to keep you informed on what is currently wrong with the server, and to help you guys understand how each attack is affecting the server in the end.

Current Status:

[Image: tracker.php?Address=]
[Image: tracker.php?Address=]
[Image: tracker.php?Address=]

Known Reasons:


A DDoS or Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack is when the server is flooded with multiple packets of data from multiple servers from around the world which can range anywhere from 100 all the way up to 30k+.  When this happens the server network line becomes filled with incoming data and causes the server to lag and eventually stop responding to players data requests in the server, thus causing you to lag and eventually disconnect. A sign of a DDoS is when your ping jumps well about the average and soars into the 600+ range.

Hardware Issues:

It has become aware that the server has had hardware issues before. We can never be 100% certain regarding hardware failures - these things can happen to any machine.

Bad Bootup:

A bad bootup, is when the servers have crashed and when they auto re-boot. One of the servers then encounters a problem causing them to appear offline by jumping onto the wrong port, this is a simple fix but not many people know that this happens. If this happens, I will post the new port for the server so that players can still play if no one is around to fix it rightaway.


[FL] Staff has decided to place the machine offline for one reason or another, the reason will be included if I ever place this as the servers status. EX. CityRP-V2D: Offline (* Transferring to a new hosting machine*)

Technical Problem:

There is no true explanation for the servers having problems, or a reason cannot be disclosed.

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OK, i rode this but now, can we get the real reasons ? because i just started my holidays with bad news (servers downs) !
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Server's been down for hours on a saturday...dammit lol.
We're currently having problems because of our servers getting attacked. At least from what I can tell...

I can't give you an ETA on when they will be back up.
Dare to think!
Damn im getting so tired of all these fucking no lifers that are ddos servers all fucking day because they dont have a life and are jealous because we have a great server and they dont.
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(03-31-2012, 03:02 PM)SuperMiso Wrote: Damn im getting so tired of all these freaking no lifers that are ddos servers all freaking day because they dont have a life and are jealous because we have a great server and they dont.

This happend to Exlied Servers aswell, they've been under attack for about 5 months, and let's hope it's not the same morons with the same goal. To completely ruin another awesome community.

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Do you have idea who are attacling the server and why?
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