Chatbox overhaul
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Chatbox Update

Dear Community,

We’re excited to announce a much needed overhaul to the chatbox.

The new chatbox has been ported from another gamemode and allows for custom chat tabs, customisation and command autocomplete.

The new chatbox
The chatbox is much the same as before, but now has much better backend code. It now has bigger text by default which can be scaled within the player options. Other settings are available such as adding a timestamp before the message and the ability to have an outline on the text.

Spoiler :
[Image: raw.png]
[Image: raw.png]
[Image: raw.png]

Other changes
Messages in IC chat will now be auto-punctuated meaning that the first letter will be capitalised and a full stop is added if necessary.

Spoiler :
[Image: raw.png]
[Image: raw.png]

Command autocomplete will show all the available commands (limited to a few for now) and will show the arguments as you type.

Spoiler :
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[Image: raw.png]

The chatbox can also be resized by dragging the bottom right corner.
Spoiler :
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Arny - Porting the chatbox
`impulse - Making the original chatbox
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sicko mode
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its been 14 years daddy
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Great update Arnold. Good idea with the different tabs for the chatbox, really helps separate the different commands!

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Eew wtf
You're welcome for my existence
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Of course I know where this chatbox was inspired from xD

Time to do '/me unleashes his firearm towards the individual with the intention of killing them' whilst being dressed in CP uniform.
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It’s a nice chatbox and all, but I really think the default cider chatbox was so perfect. Small, lightweight, and looks minimalistic.

Maybe it’ll grow on me, but for now it’s good things are being changed and updates, so well done none the less!
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f3 me
Stop using dark theme, nerd.
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nutscript vibes

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