Gamemode Fusion of Teacher and Moderator
Title of Suggestion: Fusion of Teacher and Moderator

An update that results in the removal of teacher and moderator and the addition of a new role: an amalgamation of the two.

This new role, that I want to call 'Helper' (or something alike as it's rather appropriate with their job), will have the ability to blacklist for up to three hours, kick, no-clip and give RPP. The ability to phase will be removed as it is more of a duty for a member of staff who's main priority is to enforce the rules, which phasing assists.

More info below!(no room here)

Description extended
Continuing the description, the main role of this Helper is to promote RP, assist new-comers and experienced players alike, and to also assist the staff team if there are little online or due to the fact they are generally busy. Their main duty is not to enforce the rules - they will not be a part of the staff team, just a group of trusted and mature members of the community that deserve the role. They should only use their powers in an emergency or extenuating circumstances as they should try to keep things IC and promote roleplay as I've said previously.

This role will be accessible through both application and suggestion; the first due to the fact that there are people that could be a good applicant and would appreciate the opportunity to explain why they deserve the role, to which the administrative team would consider. And the second as the team themselves my consider someone who would do a good job who didn't decide to create an application - whether they want to accept the offer or not, it's up to them.

Oh, and they'd get the good old orange physgun back.

I've heard a lot of players getting fed up with both the teacher and moderator roles, saying it's a waste and they want it removed to which I don't understand. They're good roles and they can provide a lot to the server, given the appropriate candidates are selected/apply for the position.

This way, people who genuinely like to help and deserve the role can apply for it and if the staff team want to suggest a player to be promoted, they can either suggest them for this role or straight to TA if they feel like this would be a waste. Everyone is better at some things than others. Some are better helpers; others are better administrators.

Why waste over a month's time on someone sitting on moderator when they'd be a perfect administrator? To answer that question, they shouldn't be. The Trial Administrator role is there for a reason: to test the trustability of a hopefully worthy candidate before the team believes they are ready for the full administrative role. Don't say that the moderator is an extra step for the trust test: the best staff teams were around without this three-step program.


There can be variations to this suggestion, of course, if it gets approved. It doesn't have to be like this right down to the bone, but you get the gist.
If you want to +Support, feel free to add any other ideas or criticise any of mine above.
If you want to -Support, please provide a detailed reason as to why you are and what could improve the possible implementation of this idea regardless.
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Good Idea

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Unwanted suggestion.


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