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The following rules define clearly what is and what is not allowed; this is required to maintain a semi-serious and realistic roleplay environment. We expect you to read all of the rules before playing. It may take a few minutes to read all of the rules, but the average ban is a lot longer than that. It's impossible to cover every single detail within the rules, so we expect you to use your common sense and not do questionable things or search for loopholes. If you aren't sure whether something is allowed or not, ask a staff member to clarify (@ command). All members of administrative staff are referred to throughout as simply 'admin'.

Remember, our roleplay (RP) is about recreating a lifelike civilization - your character is by default a functional member of society, so make your character behave realistically.

Rules may be altered to suit an event by administrators during special events hosted on the event server, or if an event is being held on the normal servers. (v4b1, v2d).

General Rules

1.1 Using cheats, hacks or abusing glitches will not be tolerated.
1.2 Double-accounting is not allowed and will likely result in a permanent suspension.
1.3 Do not reconnect, suicide, change job or do anything else to avoid a roleplay situation.
1.4 Do not insult or disrespect players or staff in Out-Of-Character chats.
1.5 Respect the staff's decisions. You may discuss about it privately as long as you stick to the server rules.
1.5a Do not harass or disrespect the staff, this may lead to a heavier punishment than you have been dealt to already.
1.5b If you feel like your punishment is unfair, please make an unban/unblacklist request. You can discuss it there instead.
1.6 Scamming is not allowed. Also, do not steal items which other players have dropped to carry out a transaction.
1.7 When requesting an admin (@) you must provide relevant information. Non-informative, aggressive or caps-locked messages will result in a kick.
1.7a Do not make an @ request just because you are unhappy with the RP or because the RP has you at a disadvantage; unless someone is clearly breaking the rules or you think they are, making an illegitimate @ request just to complain or to try and get someone else in trouble will likely result in you being warned or punished.
1.8 Advertising products/servers is not permitted in any form, whether on OOC chat or on a steam name.
1.9 If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn them or contact an admin. Do not take the situation into your own hands (by for example arresting a player), as that counts as Backseat Administrating, and is bannable.
1.10 Do not reveal the presence of undercover admins to others on the server in the event that you notice them. Doing so will likely result in a kick.
1.11 Purposefully attempting to find loopholes in the rules will result in punishment.
1.12 You are not required to provide a reason for your RP actions to other players in OOC, even if they request it; you are only required to provide a reason for your RP actions to administrative staff when they ask.
1.13 *UPDATED* You cannot be racist, sexist, and discriminatory (homophobic) OOC (Out Of Character).
1.13a *UPDATED* You cannot have a racist, sexist or discriminatory (homophobic) Steam Name. Doing such may result in a kick or if the situation calls for it, a ban.
1.13b *UPDATED* You can be racist, sexist, and discriminatory (homophobic) IC (In Character). However, do not do this to excess or if it doesn't fit your character's roleplay.

Basic Roleplay Rules

2.1 You must follow FearRP. Your character must act afraid of life-threatening situations or of any weapons pointed at you.
2.1a You cannot attack a person who has a gun (or stun gun) pointed at you.
2.1b You cannot draw a weapon when someone has you at gunpoint or in striking distance of a melee weapon.
2.1c You cannot run away from someone when they have you at gunpoint.
2.1d If someone switches from a gun to handcuffs/rope in order to detain you, FearRP still applies.
2.1e Do not run into or loiter around extremely dangerous or life-threatening situations, such as a fire or raid, as a citizen or someone without the appropriate job.
2.1f Orders must be given via voice or text comminucation to initiate a FearRP situation.
2.2 Extremist roleplays are only allowed when they do not reference real-life extremist groups/leaders, and you have admin permission.
2.2a These include, but are not limited to: "Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, ISIS, etc."
2.2b Do not use real-life extremist symbols such as the 'swastika' or 'hammer and sickle'.
2.2c If you are unsure whether a real-life political group/figure is allowed, ask an admin.
2.3 Do not Metagame. This means you cannot talk OOC (Out Of Character) while IC (In Character). You can't use OOC-obtained information IC either.
2.4 It is not allowed to roleplay rape or any other form of sexual abuse.
2.5 Do not do unrealistic things out of context (FailRP). This includes things such as anti-gravity bathtubs, unrealistic car colors, watermelon fights, etc. when there is no specific roleplay in which they would make sense (i.e. game shows or science roleplays).
2.6 Powergaming is not allowed (i.e. do not do "/me snaps the man's neck, killing him" or similar).

New Life Rule

3.1 Follow NLR (New Life Rule). If you die, you forget how you died.
3.2 Even if you're told about the situation over the radio in your new life, NLR still applies and must be followed for the duration of the NLR timer.
3.3 Do not go back to the area/roleplay situation in which you died for until 10 minutes have passed unless given explicit permission from an administrator.
3.3a If you spawn in the area in which you died, you must leave it immediately and stay a good distance away.

Combat Rules

4.1 Do not kill people randomly (RDM); only kill with a valid roleplay reason, for example protecting your property during a raid, killing when your demands are not honoured as Corleone, etc. Violence should always be the last option.
4.1a Do not kill players solely because of their clan or their job.
4.1b Do not kill players because they broke a rule. Call an Administrator using '@'.
4.1c Even with an underground/custom Criminal job, you still cannot kill a person without a valid roleplay reason.
4.2 Do not shoot your gun or flare gun without a valid roleplay reason.
4.3 Do not throw molotovs without a roleplay reason.
4.4 If you make a bounty/hitman contract, you must have a valid reason to make this contract. Do not use it as an excuse for RDM. Failure to have a valid reason will lead to both the employer and hitman being punished.
4.5 You're not allowed to kill a police when you are arrested by him/her earlier unless you are part of an underground group who can hire a hitman.
4.6 Do not shoot up/down the elevator shaft in the Nexus or the Office building at players who are riding in the elevator.

OOC and IC chat rules

5.1 No advertisements in chat or Steam names that are not FL related/game related (such as personal websites, other communities or businesses).
5.2 In OOC chats, adverts, requests, job radios (not private radios), and broadcasts you may only speak in English; all other chats are international.
5.3 Do not have private conversations in OOC chat; use the /pm command.
5.4 Do not spam /advert; you must wait at least 1 minute before sending the same advertisement again.
5.5 Do not use OOC to call a staff member; use the @ command.
5.6 Do not swear excessively, argue or insult in OOC chat, and do not write caps-locked messages.

Tools and prop rules

6.1 Do not prop-kill/prop-push/prop-surf yourself or others.
6.2 Do not prop-block anything. All items and areas in your base should be accessible via keypads or buttons.
6.3 Do not use a prop or entity to climb on to builds or over walls. The only exceptions are stairs inside your own properties.
6.3a You may climb on top of a vehicle and use that to climb over walls.
6.4 Do not build in areas you do not own unless an admin gives you permission.
6.5 Do not build in the Nexus unless the President gives you permission.
6.6 Do not build traps and constructions that kill people.
6.7 Do not try to get on to rooftops; do not build on them either.
6.7a Exception: You may place a new billboard/sign on top of the existing billboards.
6.7b Exception: You may place a finished Passive RP dupe on a rooftop, with an Admin's permission.
6.8 Do not abuse your physgun, toolgun, props or any of the tools.
6.8a Do not use your physgun as a laser pointer.
6.8b Exception: You may use your physgun to prop-push a stuck car if no admins are available. Do this carefully.
6.9 All of your constructions must be realistically supported. This means no floating constructions (cameras included).
6.10 Do not use vehicle seats to reach places (i.e. Nexus bridge jump).
6.11 Do not spawn props during a combat situation, i.e. barricades for defence or offence, or new structures.
6.12 Do not spam props. This usually causes major lag in the server, and might get you permed.
6.13 Remove your unused props. Also, when leaving a government job (disconnecting, switching jobs, etc.), remove any builds within the Nexus.

Door Rules

7.1 Do not build more than 2 lockable custom doors leading to a single location. Your friends' doors are also counted.
7.2 When you build custom doors using the fading door tool, place keypads and/or buttons on both sides.
7.2a You do not need to place keypads or buttons for custom doors made using the doors tool, so long as they can be breached with explosives or a shotgun.
7.3 Keypads and buttons must be visible and easily accessible, and their function must be clear.
7.4 Custom doors must be open for a minimum of 5 seconds.
7.6 Between 2 doors, there must be a space of at least 2 metres (2 PHX units).
7.7 Do not build custom doors behind an unownable door.

Hostage Rules

8.1 Do not hostage players randomly, you need a good reason and your character style needs to fit the roleplay situation.
8.2 Do not hostage a fireman when they are in your base to extinguish a fire.
8.2a Do not call a paramedic or fireman for help and then hostaging them.
8.3 The maximum you can ask for the release of a single hostage is $2000.
8.3a If you have multiple hostages, you may demand $2000 per hostage.
8.4 Once the hostage has submitted to and given you your demands, you must release him/her.
8.5 Once you have taken a hostage, you must look after them until they have submitted to your demands.
8.6 You are not allowed to hostage people in public. (i.e. our own base or in a dark deserted alley way.)
8.7 Using ropes is only for taking a player hostage. Do not use ropes for any other reason.
8.7a Do not use ropes as a way to disarm somebody. It is not realistic and counts as FailRP doing so.
8.7b Exception: You may use ropes if you work for the goverment with a custom job that would fit the situation, i.e. President's Bodyguard.

Job Rules

9.1 Custom job titles must accurately state what character you intend to roleplay.
9.2 Custom jobs that conflict with the rules are not allowed.
9.3 Do not change your job title in an attempt to circumvent or avoid roleplay.
9.4 Do not set your job title as "classified", or similar.
9.4a Do not set your job as an animal, this is considered FailRP.
9.5 When you go AFK for more than 5 minutes, you must switch to Citizen. (This will be done automatically)
9.6 You must roleplay your job accurately (i.e. do not pretend that you're a special ops soldier as a citizen or chef).
9.7 Do not change jobs just to buy something from the market (this is powergaming).
9.8 You may only raid as the following jobs: Police, S.R.U, Corleone, Rebels and any custom jobs that fit the roleplay situation for example, "Criminal".
9.8a Do not make a contra-base as any of the jobs listed: Government members, Citizen, Chauffeur, Chef, Security Guard, Doctor, Mechanic. Exception: citizen with custom job name that fits the roleplay situation are allowed.
9.8b Do not contra base together with different jobs (i.e. Gun dealer with rebels). Exception: Citizen with custom job (i.e. Rebel associate).
9.9 Custom groups may work with the government, but do not necessarily have to follow government restrictions and rules.
9.9a An admin can force a custom group to abide by the government rules, if they feel that it is necessary for proper roleplay.
9.10 If you accept a bounty/hitman contract, you must ensure that the employer has a valid RP reason to have someone killed. Killing (or attempting to) without verifying a valid reason is RDM, and will lead to both the employer and hitman being punished.

Search warrant rules

10.1 Do not randomly search a property; you must have probable cause. Some examples include:
10.1a Gunfire heard coming from within the property;
10.1b Criminal activity visible on the property;
10.1c A suspect on the property;
10.1d Contraband heard or visible on the property.
10.2 You must have a search warrant from the President to search the property, unless the lives of officers or hostages are at immediate risk.

President rules

11.1 As President, you must follow the server rules. You cannot make any laws that conflict with them, example no 'Kill on sight, drive on left side of road, arrest on sight' laws.
11.2 The President must answer warrants; you can either accept or deny them.
11.3 Do not warrant players without a roleplay reason.
11.4 Do not initiate a lockdown without a roleplay reason.
11.5 Do not abuse your Presidential spawn protection to bypass actions that would lead to injury/death (i.e. jumping to the bottom of the Nexus).
11.6 Do not ban jobs from the city without a proper roleplay reason; something must have happened first to warrant a ban.
11.7 Do not ban unrealistic things from the city. (i.e. Running, Walking, Jumping, breathing etc.)

Government forces rules

12.1 Do not steal cars when you are working for the government. You may impound a car when appropriate to be later given back in return for a fine or warning.
12.2 Do not abuse the keypad cracker when you are working with the government. Follow the search warrant rules.
12.3 You may build a roadblock while playing as a government member, with permission from the President. You may use frozen props, but players must be able to break through the barricade with a vehicle.
12.4 You cannot ally with the underground jobs.
12.5 Only use the stun gun with a valid roleplay reason.
12.5a Do not abuse or spam the stun and wakeup functions of the stun gun.
12.6 Police/S.R.U. may be corrupt, but only if it does not directly endanger the lives of officers or civilians.
12.7 Do not kill or injure any other government member.
12.8 The Police Sergeant commands Police forces, and the S.R.U. Sergeant commands S.R.U., unless the President states otherwise.
12.9 Police can not shoot vehicles unless it is vital that the car needs to be stopped, for example if the driver is putting lives of others at risk. Hot pursuit must be the first option.
12.10 Official Government units cannot wear any other clothing than their uniform, or use non-government vehicles, unless they are undercover.
12.10a The police sergeant cannot go undercover.
12.10b SRU or the SRU Sergeant are not allowed to go undercover as it is considered FailRP.

Paramedic and Fireman rules

13.1 You are not permitted to be within dangerous proximity to a raid in progress.
13.2 You work for the Government, and may not work with any underground organizations.
13.3 Do not abuse the tools you are given.
13.3a Do not hit people with the fire axe.
13.3b Do not use the fire axe to break into homes or open doors without a reason.
13.3c Do not misuse the fire extinguisher.
13.3d Do not misuse the medical kit, and do not run up to players and heal them if they didn't request medical attention.

Raid rules

14.1 Do not raid as a Citizen without changing your job name.
14.2 You need a valid reason to raid the President.
14.2a You cannot raid the President solely to earn money.
14.2b You cannot raid the President solely because of high taxes.
14.2c You cannot raid the President because you do not like certain laws, unless they drastically impact your character. For example: Cars being banned from the city is not a valid reason.
14.2d You cannot raid the President solely as retaliation for being arrested or warned by police due to your own actions, i.e. you cannot raid just because you were arrested for speeding or mugging someone.
14.2e You cannot raid the President for demoting you from a Government job.
14.2f You cannot raid the president solely for having the job title Dictator. This is Metagaming.
14.3 Do not switch jobs with the sole intention of joining a raid (powergaming). This also applies to custom jobs.
14.4 You must have a valid reason to raid players, i.e. contraband, burglary, and needing to take hostages are all valid reasons.
14.5 Do not provoke the government raiding you on purpose. As a criminal, you want to keep a low profile.

Rebels/Mafia rules

15.1 Do not kill or steal from your team members.
15.1a Exception: As the leader, you may take the life of a member with a valid roleplay reason.
15.2 Different teams are created for a reason, so do not ally with other teams. For example, Rebels do not ally with Corleones.
15.3 Being in an underground team does not give you the right to break the rules or raid without a reason.
15.4 You must roleplay as your defined group in a realistic manner, however, you have lots of creative freedom. For example, rebels are not inherently poor.

Crime rules

16.1 Do not steal or rob etc. without a valid roleplay reason.
16.2 When demanding sums of money from robberies and muggings, demand realistic amounts ($500 maximum).
16.3 You may not mug the same person twice within 15 minutes.
16.4 You may steal vehicles to sell them back to the owners or other parties, but only with valid roleplay reasons.
16.5 When selling a stolen car, you must ensure that your buyer is aware that it's stolen. Make sure the person understands that this vehicle won't be theirs to unlock or store in their inventory.
16.6 Do not FailRP. Car thieves need chop-shops, and burglars need places to store their stolen goods. Proper background RP draws the line between crime and rule-breaking.
16.7 You need an admin's permission to do ExtremistRP (BombRP included).
16.8 You cannot steal vehicles or mug someone in the main street, or where there's a chance of someone witnessing you committing the crime.
16.9 Burglars are not allowed to use Molotovs when burgling properties. It is a burglary not a raid.
16.9a Only break in with lockpicks (you want to be quiet). Do not use shotguns to perform burglary.

Vehicle rules

17.1 Do not run people over on purpose (CDM), and always try to brake/avoid people on the roads. Call a paramedic (if available) when you've hit someone.
17.2 When your vehicle is stuck, call an admin. You can gently try to move it with a prop if required. When your vehicle is upside down you should use /flip to flip it.
17.3 Do not modify vehicles with props or tools without prior admin approval.
17.3a Admins may modify vehicles for a specific roleplay or event.
17.4 Do not make extra seats to transport people, i.e. seats in the back of a truck.
17.5 Do not build your own vehicle without an admin's permission.
17.6 Do not spam the horn or siren.
17.8 Do not randomly crash into other vehicles.
17.9 Do not steal someone's car when it's getting unlocked.
17.10 You may only modify vehicles using the context menu if the vehicle's owner allows you to.
17.10a Do not modify vehicles unrealistically, i.e. with colours you wouldn't see on a normal vehicle or that don't suit the RP.
17.11 Do not drive vehicles inside of buildings where they do not belong.

Base rules

18.1 All buildings in the main city street and all obvious shops are reserved for passive roleplay; do not base here.
18.2 Walls used to surround a base can't be more than 4 metres tall (4 PHX units).
18.3 Bases must fit the roleplay of the situation. For example, poor characters cannot afford high-tech bases.
18.4 Barricades must be made so that the attacker has a reasonable chance of victory.
18.4a Colors and materials that remove the depth perception and allow it to perfectly blend in with the surrounding props cannot be used in defenses. (I.e. Pitch black color on a barricade and the walls behind it.)
18.5 Do not use the fading door tool to fade a prop away in order to shoot.
18.6 Props with one-sided textures are only allowed to be used as a window. Using these props as part of a doomfort or to make it easier for you to shoot attackers is not allowed.
18.7 Doomforts are not allowed.
18.8 Do not block off a spawnpoint or make walls around it. (i.e. corleone villas).
18.9 There must be atleast one accessible entrance in a building.

Contraband rules

19.1 All buildings in the main city street and all obvious shops are reserved for passive roleplay; do not have contraband here.
19.1a Also the pool building, the Tides/Empire Hotel, Hospital and Izzie's Palace are classed as public buildings and should only be used for passive RP.
19.2 When you spot contraband as a Fireman or Paramedic, inform the police force; do not destroy it yourself.

Misc. rules

20.1 Do not jump or walk on anyone when they are in ragdoll mode.
20.2 Do not promote anything conflicting with the rules in adverts, broadcasts, laws or by other means.
20.3 Do not mic-spam. If you want to play music through your microphone, have an appropriate building set up and make sure that the volume is not loud.
20.4 Do not sleep in places you would not be able to sleep in otherwise, i.e. the trashbin.


Copyright 2008-2018: Fearless Community



Doomforts are overpowered defences that are almost impossible for a raiding party to overcome, even if they are realistic. For the most part, it should be pretty clear what comprises a doomfort, however, if you are unsure, ask a staff member; they always have the final say on what is and what isn't doomforting. In this section we'll run through the most common features that comprise a doomfort.

You cannot build complex mazes, tiny firing holes, toggled cover using the fading door tool, you cannot force people to crouch, and you cannot use materials that dazzle, blind or visually confuse the raiding party.

Tight corridors are generally allowed, even if they are staggered or force you to change angle and direction frequently, similar to a WW1 trench. However, you cannot combine this with firing holes and similar. You also cannot use these corridors as a sneaky maze from which you look down upon from a raised platform.

Chest-high cover is generally allowed, but there are limits. Do not spam chest-high cover or use them constantly in combination with features such as tight corridors; this also often looks unrealistic. If you're unsure, ask an admin.

Combining one prop as cover on the ground and one on the ceiling is allowed, the gap shouldn't be smaller than the size of that in the bunker prop. If combined with other measures, the gap may have to be larger to be fair. The ceiling prop should be above the top of your head. If in doubt, ask an admin.

One-way windows/props are ok, even in a defensive structure (i.e. as part of a security checkpoint), but you cannot use them as part of, or directly adjacent to, a firing position to give you an immediate advantage in combat.

Walkways and sniper/guard towers are allowed, both with and without defensive walls to guard you from bullets. However, be cautious, because it's tempting to combine this with features such as fading firing positions, or over-powered use of one-way glass in a guard tower. If you use one-way glass in one of these structures, you must not be able to fire from such a position or near it.

If in doubt, ask an admin. They always have the final say on what is or isn't a doomfort. Just because one admin says it's OK doesn't mean that another will agree; often these issues are contextual, so the admin currently online is always the one most suited to make that decision. Super-admin decisions do not overrule the decisions of the admin online with you, so don't ignore what the admins say just because another admin or a super-admin gave you permission earlier.


Powergaming is when you misuse roleplay actions in an attempt to force a RP to take a certain direction, or when you attempt to force another action on a player or dictate their actions. This is banned because it's detrimental to RP, and makes the server a lot less fun for people who have to suffer the actions of a powergamer. Some examples over powergaming are below:

'/me punches the cop in his throat, killing him.'
This is powergaming because you're forcing the officer into situation where he dies, without his input. It would be better to say:
'/me tries to punch the cop in the throat.'
This lets the cop play along, and he can decide whether or not the punch lands and what effect is has on him. Obviously, he can't powergame himself here.

'/me breaks the handcuffs and escapes.'
This is powergaming because it forces the RP to take a different direction as to what is obviously happening, and it is also impossible for a normal human to break handcuffs he's restrained with. If you really want to RP this, say something like:
'/me struggles in his handcuffs, attempting to break free.'
This gives the cop a chance to RP with you. Chances are you'll just be struggling in vain (and improving the RP), but the cop may decide to play along and the RP could take a different direction depending on what he does.


Metagaming is when you use Out-Of-Character (OOC) information In-Character (IC). What happens IC should stay IC, and anything OOC is not relevant to IC roleplay. You also cannot use IC information obtained from OOC sources, such as the scoreboard, which displays IC information such as jobs and character names.

For example, if you're playing as a cop and someone is trying to enter the Nexus, but his job title on the scoreboard is 'Undercover spy', you can't immediately know that he is undercover. You should act as if you have no idea he could potentially be an undercover spy. Whether or not you deduce that IC depends on how the RP progresses, but your character currently has no knowledge that he could be a spy.

You cannot use the OOC chat for IC advertisements or RP. For example, don't attempt to ask for a lift in the OOC chat; you should instead try and call for a taxi or lift using /advert or other IC chat methods. Don't try and sell or buy items on OOC chats either, though we do have a sub-forum specifically for this purpose. PM is generally considered to be both OOC and IC, but keep it in context, and don't start PMing people you wouldn't know IC to ask for lifts, etc.

If you believe that something is against the rules, you should still RP along, and just call an admin using @. Don't try and stop the RP by saying that this is breaking the rules. You can inform them using local OOC, but unless the rule-breaking is blatant (i.e. someone is running around killing everybody or prop-pushing) you should continue to RP; you may be in the wrong, and then you would've stopped a valid RP for no reason.

The same applies to clan matters. Clans are strictly IC, and should stay that way. Don't attempt to mix OOC and IC with clan matters. Just because a clan broke an IC law doesn't mean that they're breaking the rules. If a clan breaks a real-world (OOC) law, this doesn't necessarily mean that they're breaking an IC law, so keep things IC. This has actually been an issue a few times in the past.

New Life Rule

Some players, both new and old, have difficulty with this rule. After you have died, you may not return to the place where you died for 10 minutes. There are no exceptions to this rule. For example, if you're called back to a raid over radio before your 10 minutes are up, you may not go. In this case, it's generally best to write in the radio '.// NLR' or something, just to inform people why you're not turning up. Once the 10 minutes have expired, you may return to the place of death.

After death, you also forget everything from your past life, such as current situations, the person who killed you, people you've killed, passwords, and so on. However, it's OK to remember long-term details of the character you play, such as your job, clan, long-term RP friends, and so on.

Reasons for raid/criminal activity

The rules go over in some detail what you're not allowed to raid the President for. However, there are still many reasons that you may raid, such as: the President is a dictator, he banned your underground group from the city, the police harassed you or arrested you multiple times unfairly, his laws are very restrictive, or if the current RP has certain special conditions that would allow you to raid (i.e. the current government RP is highly political or they're introducing anti-terror laws, in which case you could do a terrorism, or assassination RP, so long as you RP it properly. You can also do a bombRP, but only with admin permission). Generally, so long as you aren't raiding solely for reasons explicitly banned in the rules, and you attempt to RP rather than just gun everyone down, you'll be ok and are allowed to raid.

The restrictions for raiding the President are fairly heavy, as constant raids disrupts the entire server's RP. However, you can raid/mug/commit crimes against others much more freely, so long as you RP and don't simply gun people down. You can burgle shops for money, mug people in the streets, steal cars, raid rival businesses or criminal groups, break into a household to take hostages to make demands, and so on. Just make sure you follow all of the crime rules (section 16).

Rivalries between criminal organizations are expected, especially when it comes to contraband. Raiding to try and steal/destroy contraband is a perfectly acceptable reason. Likewise, the police may raid you to try and confiscate/destroy your contraband and arrest you. They do, however, need a search warrant for this.

Government affiliate groups

Custom jobs, groups or clans that are not using the official government jobs may team up with and work with the government.

As you're not officially government, you can choose whether or not you follow the government rules. You should decide this based on what your custom job/group is. If you're a shady PMC, it's expected that you wouldn't follow the government's rules, and the consequences of this (raiding without warrants) would be dealt with IC; in fact, this is a great reason for others to raid the government, because they're working with potentially illegal forces. However, if you're RPing as the DEA, or a job/group that is supposed to be legal or similar, you should follow the government rules to the letter, and raid only with a search warrant. An admin can force you to abide by the government rules if he feels that you're not RPing properly (FailRP); his/her decision is final.


The blatant advertisement of products, websites or other servers, whether in chat, mic or on your steam name, is forbidden. However, you can wear the tags of other clans or servers in your steam name. You can also feel free to talk about games, movies, products and so on; just don't blatantly try and advertise them. Generally this isn't a problem, and if you're treading the line an admin will normally warn you to stop.