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CityRP is a free to play game, however by donating you will help the community financially. Donations will be spend on hardware (servers), as licenses and other costs needed to run the community. If the costs are paid, the rest goes to the owner. To show our gratitude we will give donator status or moneypacks as gift. With donator status will have access to more ingame features and you have more benefits than non-donators. If you have any questions, please send a PM to the owner.

Donating is done via PayPal. After you've made your donation, your account will be instantly updated.


Donator status for 3 months ($10)

  • Double salary on all jobs.
  • 100 slots extra inventory space. *
  • Half the waiting time for spawning.
  • Reduce manufacture time by half.
  • A heart icon next to your name in OOC.
  • Half the waiting time for becoming conscious.
  • Half the waiting time for getting unarrested.
  • Double the duration of your spawn immunity (president).
  • Ability to wear suits.
  • Access to the Strategic Response Unit jobs. *
  • $100,000 (100k) added to your in-game wallet. *

* These specific perks you keep, even after your donator status has expired.

In-game money ($2,50)

  • $50,000 (50k) added to your in-game wallet.
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