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IDDescriptionTypeMade byDate
920New website statistics pagenewAvatar Floodify2017-03-24
919Added new blacklist type, Black market items. (Blindfold, Breaches, Keypad Cracker, Lockpick, Makeshift Jammer, Hostage Rope)newAvatar SnowredWolf2017-03-13
918You can now remove other officers spikestrips. When admins remove spikestrips you will not lose your ability to spawn a new one anymore.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2017-03-11
917/mechanic command added to request onenewAvatar SoulRipper2017-03-09
916Replaced skins of Crown Victoria, Dodge Charger and Chevrolet SuburbannewAvatar DarkN00b2017-03-07
915New changelog visible ingamefixAvatar SoulRipper2017-03-03
914Fixed new vehicles not being able to be coloured.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2017-03-03
913Cleaned up the download list, more loose files into workshop packagesfixAvatar SoulRipper2017-03-03
912Fixed crash issue vehiclesfixAvatar SnowredWolf2017-03-02
911BMW GTR is now a legacy item, removed from Market.newAvatar SoulRipper2017-03-02
910New vehicles added: Rolls Royce Ghost, Nissan Skyline, Bentley and Mustang BossnewAvatar SoulRipper2017-03-02
909(Website) Dupe Manager; Alphabetically ordered, Files in folders shown, New Design - Planned; Sending dupes to friend, Multiple Dupe Transfer, Small Design ChangesfixAvatar Floodify2017-02-27
908Added government worker pass, this can be issued by the president. (red pass)newAvatar SnowredWolf2017-02-14
907Fixed players not being able to become injured when hit by a vehicle.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2017-02-14
906/help and /helpr are now usable regardless of the players statefixAvatar MrTrashTag2017-01-24
889Created a new changelog to display updates on forum and servernewAvatar SoulRipper2017-01-07
888Moved all old public advanced duplicates to an archive folder.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-31
887Fixed license plate script not being able to show license plates the 31st of December.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-31
886Fixed the mechanic panel not workingfixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-29
885Fixed bug where stolen vehicles would display as often as there are players onlinefixAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-29
884Security Guard now spawn with an ASP BatonnewAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-28
883Fixed bug where lockpicking doors would return a script errorfixAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-28
882Removed "Unmarked" text from the unmarked Chevrolet Suburban.removalAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
881Wheel clamps should now properly disable vehicles.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
880You can now lock and unlock vehicles from within.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
879Fixed bug where cuffs would be removed from ragdolled players.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
878Removed dying from weed.removalAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
877Chat messages will now reset the AFK timer.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
876Player ID will now show on vehicles.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
875Warrant & Search text when looking on players removed.removalAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
874When a player is wanted by the /wanted command it will show on the player when looking at them.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
873Removed warrant notice on vehicles.removalAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
872Added text to inform you about being wanted in the top right corner.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
871When being warranted you will first get the message in the top right corner 5 minutes after being warranted.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
870When using a stolen police uniform your name will be blue.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
869Fixed bug where you could not see time left of your arrest.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
868When modifying a vehicle you will have a cursor available in the modification window.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
867You can now steal from the new police vehicles.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
866Fixed bug where you could reply to a PM while in jail.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-28
865Disabled /resupply for Police/SRUremovalAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-27
864Fixed the bug where you could drive with a wheel clamp on the wheels.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-27
863Cars will now spawn with the front of the vehicle to your right, preventing people from being killed when spawning vehicles.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-27
862Fixed bug where you could drive your own government vehicle as a Citizen.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-27
861Added ANPR CameranewAvatar Trash / Snow2016-12-26
860Added Spike StripsnewAvatar Trash / Snow2016-12-26
859Added Wheel ClampsnewAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-26
858Added Arms lockernewAvatar Trash / Snow2016-12-26
857Added Zip ties for security guardsnewAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-26
856Added new police vehiclesnewAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-26
855Added a nexus databasenewAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-26
854Updated VCMODnewAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-26
853Added /RP command, you can remove/get Physgun, Toolgun & Camera by using this command.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-23
852Added custom amount to Give & Drop option in inventory.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-22
851Moved Tides truck to Trucks & Trailers section.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-22
850Kenworth plural changed from "Fire Engines" to "Kenworths"fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-22
849Fixed the bug where you could be demoted instantaneously when changing from Citizen to another job.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-21
848Fixed gas station outside of the city on V4B1, you can now refuel your vehicle in both sides.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-12-21
847Enabled /contributor for developers to promote/demote contributors.newAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-15
846Enabled /demoteteacher for admins to demote teachers.newAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-15
845Fixed /taxifixAvatar MrTrashTag2016-12-15
844Added tracksuit and male/female scientist coats.newAvatar Avgar2016-11-26
843Enhanced playermodel selector to support inventory models and colors.newAvatar Avgar2016-11-26
842Implemented act menu for custom and default gestures. Access by holding C.newAvatar Tomo2016-11-26
841Fixed /pass command parameter order.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
840Notification are now display when paying driver.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
839Adjusted several item descriptions.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
838Disallowed vice president from demoting self.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
837Set minimum warrant time to 1 minute.fixAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
836Enabled /restoreprops while inside vehicle.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
835Balanced big pockets to grant a logical amount of extra space.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
834Removed ability to PM while jailed.removalAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
833Added permanent law 10 "Do not seriously endanger the lives of other through assault or use of a vehicle."newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
832Set Job AFK timer to 5 minutes.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
831Added Admin AFK timer set to 30 minutes.newAvatar SnowredWolf2016-11-26
830Added Ford Focus SVTnewAvatar SoulRipper2016-09-05
829Added Range Rover 08newAvatar SoulRipper2016-09-05
828Added Volkswagen New Beetle ConvertiblenewAvatar SoulRipper2016-09-05
827Added Volvo 850 RnewAvatar SoulRipper2016-08-26
826Added Porsche 918 SpydernewAvatar SoulRipper2016-08-26
825Added Ferrari 250GTnewAvatar SoulRipper2016-08-26
824Added McLaren P1newAvatar SoulRipper2016-08-26
823Added more player postures and animations.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-24
822Added restart scheduler.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-24
821Added /uptime command that shows how long server has been up for.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-24
820Added /paramedic, /police, /fireman commands to call for easier EMS calling.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-24
819Added option for more efficient door text display to Q menu.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-15
818Added option to hide license plates to Q menu.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-15
817Added license plate display while looking at vehicle.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-15
816Fixed RV cabin doors showing steam name.fixAvatar Avgar2016-08-15
815Display voice radio status in HUD.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-13
814Transmit to voice radio while holding voice record and suit zoom keys.newAvatar Avgar2016-08-13
813Players put hand to ear when holding suit zoom key with voice radio on.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
812Enabled previously hidden blue shirt skins for Corleone Member models.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
811Implemented voice radio for groups and other jobs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
810Added fedora clothing item to wear on some male suits.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
809Added crime scene marker props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
808Status text while typing changed to thinking from talking.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
807Added Pear and Orange lemonade as well as Agorith beer models for food items.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
806Some SWEPS not giving back after handcuffed/tied-up fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
805Small lua error upon joining removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
804Spelling error: S.R.U. Unit renamed to Strategic Response UnitAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
803Ingame name instead of OOC name shown when looking at car owner.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
802The Stacker tool is improved and has additional checks to ensure server stability.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
801Material Overhaul Update:Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
800New RolePlay materials added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
799Material tool: material categories implemented.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
798Material tool: SubMaterial mode implemented.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
797Material tool: Favoriting materials implemented.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
796You are now able to spawn props from Evocity maps v2d, v33x, v4b1 and v2p on all servers.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
795Contributors now have a special icon next to their name, proplimit of 50 and a deep blue physgun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
794You are now able to carry injured/sleeping/dead players. Useful for some roleplay scenarios.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
793Boats added to the gamemode: A luxurious yacht and a jetski!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
792Trucks and trailers will now go directly in inventory when manufactured.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
791Petrol station added at MTL, which makes it easier for trucks to refill.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
790Incorrect spawning of world props fixed at V2D.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
789Vending machines added to V4B1. Locations: Burger King, Hospital and Petrol Station 2.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
788Two new trailers added: Box trailer and Dump trailer.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
787Issues with FastDL server fixed, files should not download every time now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
786The maps will be automatically downloaded from the servers now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
785Additional parking places added: Near hospital and second gas station at V4B1.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
784Updates can now also get checked out on the website.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
783Loading screen modernized and music added back. Can be disabled using /music.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
782Longer daylight on V4B1.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
781You can now weld props to your trailer.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
780You can now pick the trailer up with your physgun to connect it easier to your truck.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
779Anti Spazz update released. You will not spazz out when standing in the bus now!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
778Player postures added, use /act command.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
777When player is handcuffed/tied up, hands will go behind back.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
776Chauffeur slots increased by 1, so 3 in total now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
775Trucks and trailers have been added to the gamemode!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
774Fixed Advanced Duplicator spawning dupes unfrozen.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
773Make Advanced Duplicator save color of props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
772New male and female playermodels for the citizen job;Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
771New male fireman playermodels (sharing the same faces as the citizen playermodels);Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
770New female police officer playermodels (sharing the same faces as the citizen playermodels);Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
769Playermodel selector (in the F1 menu as well as a separate window);Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
768More intuitive gender changing (happens instantly if you had just spawned);Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
767/request displaying UserIDs to the government to allow replying (use /hrequest to hide your UserID);Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
766Clientside decal clearing (no more broken computers and trash bins lying around) via a button in the Q > Options > FearlessRP > Admin menuAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
765Rules have been revised.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
764Notification of the rule revision is now displayed on each spawn 3 times. Reconnecting resets this number.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
763New fireman skins with bodygroups.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
7623 new items fireman can buy to upgrade their fireman armor.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
761Added Christmas Update.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
760Added no-collide with props option to door menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
759Fixed keypad clan access.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
758Cola now appears red when manufactured/dropped.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
757Fix many clan bugs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
756Demote mechanic when blacklisted.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
755Added Clan access for doors.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
754Enabled sending two OOC messages at once instead of one.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
753Added ability to mute your own tool-gun in Q menu options.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
752Adv Duplicator now pastes without constraints as default to decrease server lag.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
751Fix player clan data not being removed when they are kicked from a clan while online.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
750/mtldoors open|close added to remotely close or open MTL doors.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
749New roleplay props added for interior design.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
748Commands tab shows description behind command rather than having to hover.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
747Firemen can now wear gasmasks.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
746Makeshift Jammer run speed of prisoner fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
745Riotshield bug that made people fly fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
744Vehicle not taking damage has been fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
743Bus does consume petrol now, although takes longer than a car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
742Fixed eating shoe to avoid arrest.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
741If player target matches multiple people, the UserID will be shown after their name.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
740Moderators can now gag people from Local OOC and IC chat.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
739Fixed mechanic repair did not save.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
738Improved console readability for moderators and admins.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
737Binds for the new vehicles added in menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
736Prop protection automatic cleanup fixed (will not remove if reconnected within 2 minutes)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
735New cars added: Mercedes C32, Mini Cooper, Aston Martin, Chrysler 300C, Ford Coupe 1940.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
734Can now give money to driver by paying the vehicle.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
733The chatbox is now prevented from spamming laws in an automatic script.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
732Removed Paint StationAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
731Removed Repair StationAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
730Worn-out security cloth can be dropped now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
729Cleaned up spawn menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
728Smart Weld tool visiblity improved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
727Server Assistants (Teachers) now have an orange physgun color.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
726Added female models for SWAT.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
725Added a couple of roleplay props for interior.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
724Disabled some animations in vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
723Fixed items got when looting police vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
722Icon added for briefcase.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
721Icon updated for radar gun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
720Icon added for ASP baton.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
719Tommy gun ammo fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
718Mac10 zoom bug fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
717Zoom FOV restores now when switching to another SWEP.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
716Clan manage page fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
715Crosshair in third person when zooming in is back.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
714Fixed /resupply.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
713Fixed ammo not spawning for police and SRU.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
712Fixed weapon animation bugs (reloading).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
711Fixed Mixtures showing the wrong ingredients.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
710Fixed infinite stealing from government cars.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
709/resupply when lost the wrench.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
708Switched back to Mad Cows Weapons base.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
707RV Colorable.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
706Moved Language ID to the left in the chatbox, so you can now see what you are typing at the end of the textbox.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
705Made Chatbox more informative when using commands.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
704Added new light tool, can find it under tools, FearlessRP.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
703Added rank icon to Target ID next to OOC name.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
702Added redo system! ( UnloggedUnlogged
701Kevlar anti-crash protection.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
700Fixed chair exit positions and most of the chair abuses.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
699Improved inventory & item system.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
698Fixed Paramedic ammo going down while health being 100% or when not aiming at person or self.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
697Fixed access not getting removed when door is sold.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
696Removed unnecessary tabs and cleaned up the vehicle tab from the spawn menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
695New NLR screen.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
694New more realistic model for the Black Market Dealer.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
693Vehicle binds simplified, check forum.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
692New car added: Smart ForTwo.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
691Licenseplates added to the RV van.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
690Rules updated, check forum for the rules changed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
689Clan system was not working, is fixed now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
688Added lock/unlock feature to suitcase.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
687Added ability to unlock/lock RV cabin door with remote control.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
686Added warning when fuel is getting low.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
685Removed payouts for destroying contra to increase realism.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
684Firetruck renamed to Fire Engine.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
683Paramedics get a small reward (150 dollar) when reviving a person.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
682Added mute option to right click menu in scoreboardAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
681Added usable stretcher in the back of the ambulance as well as a seat for paramedic to be with the patient.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
680Vehicle sounds added to the RV and gave the RV more horsepower.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
679Added exit positions to RV and makeing it possible to sit in the RV without having the seats unlocked. Tho you can only get in a seat ig you are standing in the RV. Same applies for driverseat.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
678Added RV van. Comfy RV with seats at usual places and working beds. Also can lock inside apart from vehicle driver seat.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
677Modified /eject. /eject gives a list of players in your vehicle, /eject ejects te player.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
676Added /ejectall command to eject all players from your vehicle.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
675Added command "/pay " does same as "/givemoney "Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
674Fixed Firetruck handeling.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
673Updated vending machines to be more realistic.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
672If you physgun something, it now only grabs if you have actually access to it.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
671Firetruck defualt color changed to red.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
670BrainEnts is now live! Moderators and higher can now spawn In-Game scripted entities made by CodedBrain.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
669Irritating F1 menu 360 model viewer hanging fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
668SWAT renamed to S.R.U.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
667Job descriptions improved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
666Character models can be selected now, press the job icon once.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
665New high quality fire truck with working siren lights.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
664Fixed missing files that tried to download every time you join the server.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
663Fixed resupply not working on new firetruck.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
662SmartSnap Fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
661Pushed new mixture system Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
660mixtures can now take multiple items and give multiple items. (Huge thanks to Vol!)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
659Completly changed and categorized to the Commands tab. (Based on GRiiMs commands list on forums)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
658Fixed advdupe not saving correctly.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
657Nexus Desk Secretary can now also issue passes by right clicking on someones name on scoreboard or right clicking on player in front of them while holding C (context menu).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
656New command added for Nexus Desk Secretary: Ability to grant out visitor passes or presidential company passes. Check the website or F1 (commands tab) for more info on this.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
655A menu with a few options will now show when rightclicking on someones name on the scoreboard. Clicking an option will copy its value to your clipboard.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
654A full list with all banned props is now available on the website under the Character menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
653/teamname now forces the change.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
652Fixed picklocking with ambulance.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
651Radar gun model and sound update.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
650New melee weapons: Blackjack for everyone but government, and ASP baton for government.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
649New Philip Marlowe player-model, available in the market for 2RPP and 45k.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
648Marlowe hat has been added; 2RPP, 5k.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
647Players now are not able to act anything out anymore while handcuffed or tied. Coded by Voluptious.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
646Nexus VOX added: new ambient sounds to enhance immersion.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
645Lamborghini sounds converted to .mp3 to save on file-size; there is no noticeable loss in quality.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
644New ambulance! Press shift to open the back doors, and it works with the ELS Siren System!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
643Added Door Remote Control, to remotly activate keypads from inside your vehicle ( ALT ).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
642Fading door will now remain open until players and vehicles have finished passing through them.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
641The Lamborghini Murcielago has been heavily improved. New sounds, acceleration, and top speed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
640Added /hostagemoney which works like /drop money but has a 15min lock.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
639Doctors can now wear suits.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
638The lockpick will no longer suffice to break into the SWAT Van.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
637Vehicle Petrol and Stamina Fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
636Added the new SWAT Van!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
635Police/paramedic model updates! 21 new custom models.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
634Government cap item; 1RPP, 5k.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
633Weed generation now has a random element. The minimum number of weed that will spawn is 1, the maximum is 6. 50% chance per weed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
632New command: "/editnote " to edit one of your own existing notes. Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
631Fixed the baseball bat being able to knockout players on the Build server.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
630Fixed nommachine.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
629Fixed up cuffs to give better response message and should work properly on ragdolls now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
628New piece of clothing added (cheap security guard).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
627The Vice President taxes HUD bug has been fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
626Baseball bat now only has a 20% chance to knock out SRU due to their helmets. Everyone else is still at 50%.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
625Cocaine has been improved, and now has both a higher risk and positive effects.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
624Vice President job has been added; the VP can do the same as the President, but the President has the ability to demote the VP.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
623Players can now use the physgun on their own notes. Note character limit increased.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
622New Security Uniform, buyable from the market and is a default suit for the Security Guard job.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
621Demote reason now shown to demoted player.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
620Inventory handling improved; players will now be warned if they are approaching a full inventory. Credit to Voluptious for helping.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
619Added the briefcase accessory. Thanks for the model, [FL:RP] Darkn00b!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
618New law command: "/insertlaw #number law" to insert a law at the number you want.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
617New law command: "/editlaw #number law" to edit an existed numbered law.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
616Dead players can now be search warranted.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
615/it and /me can now both be used while unconscious in any form.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
614Police rams can be used to destroy contraband.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
613Makeshift ECM Jammer and schematic have been added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
612Toolbox schematic has been added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
611There is now a chance of items (damaged car parts) spawning when you crash your car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
610New theft system! You can steal from government vehicle using the secondary-fire function of the lockpickAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
609Start of new crafting system!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
6089 new items added, some secret for now!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
607Prisoner models updated to have an actual orange jumpsuit, both for males and females.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
606Smart weld is back! Now much more efficient and less heavy on constraints thanks Avgar!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
605Added ANPR for copsAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
604Fixed SWAT Suit not creating when not donatorAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
603Baseball bat buffAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
60220 base damage and 50% chance of knock-out when hitting someones head.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
601Molotovs now have a 1/5 chance of going wrong and dropping when thrown.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
600Baseball bat added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
599Fixed molotov crafting.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
598Fixed breach.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
597Enabled prop save system used on build server on all servers.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
596Ammo types updated; 3 removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
595Fixed issues with new GMod updates. (please report any bugs to the developemnt team)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
594Car mod access has been temporarily removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
593Fixed /teamname not being recognized as a valid command.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
592Changes made to the SWAT only suit, and model.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
591Fixed multiple typos in the gamemode pointed out by players.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
590Added /teamname for team leader to set custom default job for there team.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
589Fixed /panic showing to everyone nearby.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
588When /backup is used, nearby players are notified.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
587SRU renamed to SWAT.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
586New SWAT models added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
585New content pack added for upcoming updates, which currently includes the plant models.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
584You can now search cuffed/tied up people by press R with hands.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
583The AWM has been slightly nerfed. It only holds one (1) round as standard now, and can chamber another.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
582You can now use right click with the radar gun to alert police that you are in pursuit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
581Police can now equip the AR-15.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
580Fishing bait removed while we overhaul fishing.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
579You can now use live worms as fishing bait. They can be gathered in certain grassy areas of the map. Not using bait makes it harder to fish.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
578Sleeping now removes the effects of alcohol.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
577Paramedic medkit and fireman extinguisher have been upgraded. They both now use a form of ammo to be more realistic and have sound improvements.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
576Paramedics and firemen can now /resupply at their respective vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
575Updated binds tab with new weapon systemAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
574Third-person super-accurate crosshair has been removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
573Added /taxi command, this is used to call a taxi driver to your location. Example: /taxi I need a cab at %l!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
572Added new Heavy Armor MaskAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
57120 Roleplay Point requirment and is wearable as an SRU.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
570Changes made to the Gas Mask grammar on the market.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
569Complete weapons and ammunition overhaul.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
568Weapon modifications.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
567Improved stun gun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
566/resupply system (look at a police car and type /resupply to refill ammo, stun gun charge, and concussion grenades).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
565To get rid of mods and safely holster them, you must type /disarm and stand still for the duration. /holster does not remove your mods.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
564Concussion grenades added for SRU.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
563Added %l to type in chatbox. This will return your location. Example: /pm BlackShadow Im currently at %l what about you?Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
562Fixed location not showing up on the HUD in the left corner.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
561Added /pursuit command. Scan a vehicle (could also be while in your car) and then use /pursuit to broadcast car name and licenseplateAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
560Added VCMod ELS! Type /vcmod or /caroptions to edit VCMod and VCMod ELS settings and controls.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
559Location system added for v2d and v33x!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
558Added a new tab to the F1 menu: "Ranks"Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
557Fixed the toolgun bug that got caused by last GMod update.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
556Fixed weapons reloading bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
555Fixed scoreboard copyright still displaying 2014.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
554Sirenlights for normal citizen cars added /copcar.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
553Sirenlights Beta added to police vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
552Citizen radio updated.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
551Added infoscreens to Nexus.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
550Citizen radio added, can be used to listen to radio stations.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
549Added remaining lights to the rest of the maps.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
548Unblocked prop, edited collision model.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
547Team chat can be used in Radio based teams. Press U or bind messagemode2 to a key.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
546Added tunnellights to v2d, te prevent CDM.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
545Added cl_oldleft 1 to the players console to use the bars on the left.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
544New HudAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
543Slight change to Notification systemAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
542New presidental rule 8Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
541Fixed some models too big (remote car keys)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
540Swapped OOC names with IC namesAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
539New notification SystemAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
538Fixed some models too big (remote car keys)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
537Added measuring tool (found under Construction) to measure point between 2 props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
536Fixed car not stopping when getting out.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
535Fixed BMW not having passenger seat Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
534not being able to (un)lock it.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
533New cars added (Audi, Ferrari, Transit, Raptor, Volvo, Mitsubishi)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
532Veteran icon will now also show up in OOC chat.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
531Fixed bug buying KFC takeaway while not having enough money which resulted in a negative balance.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
530Added over 400 new materials to the materials tool. (Thanks to Avgar, Lesanka and Floodify)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
529Doors of the fire station in v33x are now ownable.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
528Veterans now have their own icon on the scoreboard (silver medal in star shape)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
527Fixed blindfold text not going away after waking up from being tranqualized.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
526Added a command (/eject) to eject someone from your vehicle (you must be driving the car). This can be usefull for people refusing to get out of your car when you unlocked it for a friend etc.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
525You can now use /me when injured. (usefull for RP situations such as crying for help, being in alot of pain, ...)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
524Banned some very big rail props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
523Fish counter goes up with shoeAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
522Texture problem extinguisher (for some people) is fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
521Fire extinguisher with new effects, a viewmodel and a worldmodel.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
520New weapon selector graphics created and more will follow later.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
5193 new male citizen models added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
518Fixed Lag issues.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
517Disabled atmos weather plugin, limited flahslight, stamina and vehicle petrol/HP for build server.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
516Added atmos weather plugin! A day/night cyle and random rains are now in place! (except from v2d due to bugs in the map itself)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
515Added blindfold! This item can be bought in the Black Market section and will require 5 RP points to use.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
514Fixed the camera and carkeys not showing up after you got uncuffed or released from rope.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
513Fixed Death after saved by Paramedic bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
512No information/incorrect information showing up on player should now be fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
511Fixed exit location of chairs and vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
510Police sergeant can now issue warrants if president is hostaged.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
509Added /getid command to get a player ID. Usefull for various things.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
508Added the player id between [] on the scoreboard.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
507Fixed bug with molotov destroying another players props on build server.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
506Fixed stacker bug not working after 30 props (depending on proplimit as donator, high playhours, ...)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
505Fixed a bug where "The owner of this car is wanted" was not going away after jail time expired.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
504Fixed a bug where your job was not updating when changing jobs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
503Fixed a bug not being able to respawn on "Jump to skip" screen.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
502/sleep is now disabled when arrested, this to avoid using the command as an exploit when arrested.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
501Fixed TazerAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
500The amount of moneypacks donated by a player will no longer be shown, this to respect people who want to keep their donated amount private.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
499Added a check to make sure non-admins can not use [FL] in their name.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
498Fixed a bug where you could use the /cruise command to drive faster than 15MPH when vehicle HP was below 26.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
497Added a script that will unstuck you when stuck inside another player.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
496Fixed a bug not being able to revive correctly when fatally injured. (hit by a car, eating a shoe, ...)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
495Added a "Destroy All" button to the gasmask suit. Previously there was no way delete this suit from your inventory.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
494Radargun will now show the licenseplate of the scanned vehicle aswell.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
493You will no longer be able to sit down in jail as this caused you to be constantly stuck in jail.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
492Fixed vehicle getting wrecked when hunger is 0.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
491Fixed exploit in Precision tool causing server to crash.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
490Fixed Sell button in door menu not showing up for some people.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
489Added "/door sellall" command. Use this to sell all your owned doors across the map.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
488Added health regen when HP and food are equal or above 70.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
487Players will now receive a notification on join when a new update has been released.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
486Fixed a bug with message not showing up on players car when warranted for an arrest.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
485Optimalizations to gamemode performance.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
484Enabled M4A1 for Police use.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
483Fixed not being able to sit on Contraband and money.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
482Use /sit now to sit on things. This to prevent unwanted sitting actions.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
481Fixed Adv dupe file loading error.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
480New feature: License plates for cars which are customizable. Press F3 while looking at your car to change your plate.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
479Reduced block on moving chairs to none donators with less than 100 hours.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
478When manufacturing a vehicle it will show a confirmation menu to prevent accidentally buying a car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
477Non-donators are no longer able to manufacture a suit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
476When arrested you are no longer able to use /advert.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
475Fixed material overlay for heroine and cocaineAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
474Gave Police and Firemen Access to vehicles with 0HP with out need of warrantAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
473Different color for /pradio.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
472Sitting on players head and items should not be possible anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
471Bug fixed that spawned huge amount of doors when breaching door.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
470New car added! The Mercedes G65 AMG. Check it out in the store.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
469Now gives equipment back when you get in your own goverment vehicle.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
468Now shows a log in console of both users when items are picked up.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
467Remove All button removed at suits.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
466You can now click at the sides of the menu to close it, instead of pressing the Close button.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
465New effects added at Molotov.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
464Black background and zoom texture are equal in shade now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
463You are now able to enter a vehicle when handcuffed/tied-up (under force).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
462New item added: Remote car keys. Category: Misc.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
461Added Give button for items to give directly to a player.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
460Thirdperson switching perfomance improvement.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
459Moderators now get 60 props, Donators or players with 200 hours or more get 40 props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
458New customized model for the Cabbie.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
457Tires bus fixed (were flat).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
456Lotus Elise now easier to get back on road.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
455Firstperson view of Trabant, Citroen, Ambulance, Firetruck and Tides Truck fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
454Alcohol beverage now gives effects when taking 1 or more.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
453The water bottle can stop effects of alcohol.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
452Added 5 second timer to holster weaponsAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
451No longer able to unhandcuff someone with a rope.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
450You can now cut a rope to untie with a knife.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
449You can now lockpick someones handcuff with a lockpick.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
448Moderator/admin command !respawn added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
447Moderator/admin command !release added to unhandcuff and/or untie someone.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
446Police and SRU can now untie someone using their hands (by unknotting the rope)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
445Alcohol beverage model changed from jar to bottle.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
444When you equip kevlar it will show a /me message.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
443Non-existing files that were downloaded each time when joining server are disabled.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
442Copyright dates changed to 2014.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
441Some text changed, new info black top bar.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
440Some plurals and grammar in text fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
439Commander can now demote Officers, SRU Sergeant can now demote SRU Response Units.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
438Police Commander hours requirement is increased from 6 to 8 hours.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
437Playtime now saves on build serverAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
436Allow /y and /w while cuffed/hostageAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
435Fixed NLR timerAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
434Added %m %mn %t %tn as replace tags for your user id / name and target userid / nameAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
433No longer high of drugs when respawned.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
432You can no longer eat a shoe when inside a car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
431ALT (walk) now makes you jog and walk is normalAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
430text from note now saved in adv dupeAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
429fading door no longer breaks no collideAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
428commands are now case insensativeAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
427/me commands added when holstering and when a person is healed from a fatal injury.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
426Czech rules translation added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
425A lot of props that were blocked can be spawned now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
424Cops, SRU and firemen now have access to vehicles of Arrested or Warranted players.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
423Keypads now correctly save.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
422You can now give access to vehicles (press F2 on vehicle).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
421Goverment can now move disabled vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
420Build server fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
419Added prop count display.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
418Molotovs now explode on impact.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
417Punching is now animated.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
416Note limit increased from 5 to 10.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
415You now get injured when getting out of fast moving vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
414Radio in cars working again, uses fragradio.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
413You Shooting vehicles below windows damages vehicle, above is player.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
412Toolbox added for repairing vehcles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
411vehcles now get damaged and explode if crash is bad enough.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
410Horn fixedAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
409Request is now shown in local.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
408Effect from tranqulizer fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
407No longer lose ammo from clip when knocked out.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
406you can now use /cruise and specify a speed in MPH.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
405Added ability for moderator to wakeup sleeping or injured players.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
404Gave goverment access to the M3 Shotgun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
403New tax system based on percentage.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
402Some client errors fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
401Fixed Adv duplicator.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
400Added self or team bypass for keypad.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
399Added ability to use numpad to enter numbers into keypad.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
398Donating while ingame is now possible, just press the donate tab in F1.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
397Removed Destroy All from pockets.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
396Fixed /flip.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
395/me message shows when turning car engine on or off.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
394Updated police vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
393Plural of suits/dresses fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
392Added a burger to the food items, Burger King makes sense now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
391A chance to fish a new item out of the lake.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
390Fixed breachAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
389Added history to chatbox inputAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
388Updated police models, blue is darker and armbelt for females.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
387The camera view of car paint in V2P should be fixed now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
386Timer added to changing clothesAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
385New model for police carAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
384New model for police officersAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
383SS renamed to SRU with new modelsAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
382Female officers addedAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
381Use command like /me while tied upAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
380Fixed being able to use radio while hostageAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
379new admin/mod command !gotov Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
378used to goto a players vehicleAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
377you can no longer taze people with ranged weapons out.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
376car skin color is now saved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
375car skin color changing now costs $500.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
374Renamed police commander to police sergeant.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
373Vending machines fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
372KFC takeaway fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
371Unemployed renamed to Citizen since they get a salary.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
370Reduced starving damage and set warning earlier.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
369Reversed hunger bar so its food bar going down.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
368Added reason to demote.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
367Fixed sniper scope.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
366SS whitelisted from AWP and G3SG1.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
365Fixed Exploit to pickup any vehicle with bus button.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
364Changed rules into a HTML panel.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
363Binds can now be copy-pasted.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
362New fancy layout for credits page and donate page.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
361Optimized/fixed database queries.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
360Medic kit for paramedic should not be error anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
359More props added to banned props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
358Added getting knocked out and injured to getting hit by car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
357Added checks to vehicles and auto removing if needed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
356You can now heal unconscious players.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
355Disabled getting hurt by props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
354Added a fix for freezing cars.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
353Fixed car painting.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
352Added explosive breaches.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
351Added reason to warrant command.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
350Change demote to moderator.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
349Added use of UserID.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
348Added /r command for replying to a pm.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
347Improved blacklist system.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
346Suitable playermodel for prisoners.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
345Fixed adv dupe server folders.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
344Fixed axe use on Keypads.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
343Problems with wrong model at female dresses fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
342Creepy sounds removed from background noise.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
341You can now eat food while being inside a car or seat.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
340SRCDS works more efficiently which allows easier development.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
339HUD disappearing bug solved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
338World models appearing again at V2D.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
337Fixed names missing at several tieing up/handcuff actions.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
336BMW bind corrected to the right bind on binds page.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
335Fixed some descriptions in male suits.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
334Improved female models, no ass sticking out of dress anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
333Female suits renamed to dresses.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
332Blacklist system Fixed up.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
331Moderators can now Blacklist.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
330Fixed donate issues with it thinking your online.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
329Fixed v2p logs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
328You can now use string for time when blacklisting eg. (2h)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
327Stamina no longer used when no clippedAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
326Fixed server for new garrys mod update.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
325Fixed moderator prop access.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
324Added snow and christmas content.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
323Removed ULX/ULib.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
322Added new custom admin mod.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
321Applied optimizations.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
320Fixed descriptions and clans not showing.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
319Added moderator access to world props.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
318New female suits added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
317Added moderator rank.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
316Fixed being able to spam sirens.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
315Admins no longer get kicked by AFK kicker.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
314Re-enabled the ability to spawn chairs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
313Fixed notes not being owned by player.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
312Fixed notes not being owned by player. (Build server)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
311Fixed various gamemode bugs/crashes.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
310Improved handling of Lokus (untested).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
309Fixed Golf MKII driving faster in reverse.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
308Added more F.A.Q. questions in the menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
307Fixed hunger exploit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
306Added NLR timer to top left.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
305Added Cruise Control options, access using /cruiseoptions.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
304Modified Cruise Control to default to Max Speed mode.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
303Added admin /checkban command.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
302Sirens are now toggleable.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
301Fixed and enabled Easy Precision tool.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
300Fixed petrol exploit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
299Fixed Golf GTI purchasing bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
298Fixed proplimit for admins.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
297Removed creations tab on Q menuAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
296Removed camera flashes due to spam.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
295Added drugs dealer to v33x.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
294Fixed Too many vertex format changes... console error.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
293Fixed Tool restrictions.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
292Fixed HUD font sizes.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
291Fixed bug that caused F1 menu to break.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
290Fixed paintzone camera location in v33x.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
289CityRP ready for Gmod13, almost all bugs solved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
288Thirdperson mode disables when player knocked out to prevent bugged views.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
287Thirdperson mode disables when entering vehicle and restores when leaving vehicle.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
286Bus added to public transport vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
285Busstops worldmodels added to map.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
284Customized ads on busstop models.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
283Taxi Driver renamed to Chauffeur.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
282Networking libary replaced with faster functions.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
281Fancy new car paint script.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
280Removed workaround that was causing crash issues and replaced with better solution.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
279Cruise control for cars. Activate using T.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
278Improved some CommandsAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
277Bans FixesAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
276Vehicle seats are parented instead of welded now to the vehicles.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
275Passengers hands did not want get in the air anymore when vehicle makes jump.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
274Passenger exits should work better.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
273Inv Bug FixedAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
272Fixed fish manufacture exploit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
271Some small bug fixes to crowbar.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
270Crowbar bind changed from weapon_crowbar to cityrp_crowbar.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
269Fancy light blue headings in menu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
268Scoreboard style changed. Got rid of some layers and added transparency.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
267Playtime shows only hours and minutes now. Calculating every second is unnecessary.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
266Fancy new white glow when looking at dropped item.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
265Crowbar realistic, less damage and slower smash speed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
264Flare Gun now deletes itself on use.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
263Weapon blacklist added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
262Lockpick removed from Rebel and Corleone Leaders.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
261Rules updated.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
260Fixed some possible exploits.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
259Fixed Tommy Gun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
258You now have to store your vehicles to use sell on a vehicle.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
257You can now pick up and manufacture items that are 0 size regardless of inventory state.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
256Manufacturing items directly in inventory with not enough space will now give warning.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
255CDM and propkilling logged.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
254Breaking out of jail no longer respawns.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
253Fixed bug using weapons in jail.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
252Vehicle blacklist now prevents driving any car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
251Admins see teleport better.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
250Fixed several issues with blacklist system.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
249Fixed punching exploit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
248Gender is now saved to database.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
247Current character info is now filled in under character tab for easy edit.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
246Fish are now caught by lifting the mouse up when you get a bite.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
245Broadcast text color changed for better visibility.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
244The "A male by the name of x is wanted by the police..." removed at warrants.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
243The "A male by the name of x is wanted by the police..." text can be generated by using /wanted .Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
242Added a underwater mod so you will now drown when too long under water.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
241Added goldfish item which you can catch in lake when you are very lucky.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
240Improved Global Ban System.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
239Added female suit, which requires 5 RP points.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
238Optimized performance of unownable script.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
237Added fish counter so you can see your totals per session.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
236Replacement for the moneyprinter, now more realistic.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
235Radio is now heard locally too (sending only).Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
234Contraband now stores money inside, press e to collect.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
233New logs system.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
232Added to ban command to help ban recently disconnected players.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
231Now sets noclip if needed for !goto, instead of blocking the action.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
230PM now will not send if more than 1 matching user is found, and shows who you sent a PM to.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
229Added protection against dropped and manufactured items not spawning.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
228Cradio is now pradio.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
227Fixed unlimited molotovs bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
226Cave protection will give 3 warnings.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
225Some fixes for ULX.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
224Added unarrest command for admins.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
223Added tpb command to teleport an admin or user back to position before last teleport command.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
222Added check to make sure you get weapon before removing from inventory.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
221Added protection against losing weapons on crash.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
220Removed press-space-to-unstuck bug from outside offices.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
219Fixed double body bug on death.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
218Added some checks too blacklist and takeaccess to make sure you use it right.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
217Fixed lua cache bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
216Some Fixes for ULX/UbanAvatar UnloggedUnlogged
215Fixed SS and BMD blacklists.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
214Fixed bug where using Heroin or Shroom would give you more hp than 100.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
213Updated ULX to the latest version.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
212Added custom jail times set when issueing warrant, default 5, max 15 mins.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
211Added some checks to hopefully stop hunger/stam/flashlight bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
210Removed auto spawn when connecting.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
209Allowed changing job when dead.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
208Blacklist improved to demote head jobs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
207Arrested people have a search warrant until released.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
206Added button to remove suits.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
205Cave Protection now teleports you too near lake dock and no longer removes hands etc.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
204Fixed a typo in a suit description.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
203Adding delay to the Tranquillizer sniper with some effects.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
202President now gets tax amount in info panel instead of salary.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
201Prevented damage for 1 second when getting knocked out.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
200Contraband refund command improved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
199Police car has seats in the back now too.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
198Access flag added for OOC.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
197Fixed Bug where it shows cuffed or tied up still when using a different item to release.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
196When you turn of engine you will not loose petrol anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
195Fixed Prop Limit issue for Admins using stacker.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
194Fixed President Access Letter.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
193Improved blacklist to do demote or strip.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
192Fixed a demote bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
191New RP item added: A Tommy Gun. 15 RP points required.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
190Smart weld re-enabled and fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
189Keypad tool will set 3 seconds as default value to make it easier for new players.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
188Less chance to get stuck in your car roof when exiting the car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
187Bug where people looses their account is fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
186New blacklist system which will store the reasons to the website.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
185Instead of permanent blacklists admins are able to set a certain time.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
184If your inventory is full it will show a warning message instead of loosing money.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
183President can demote fireman and paramedic now too.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
182Removed the secret garage bug at factory.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
181Removed black screen, so demos are better visible.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
180When holstering it will select hands instead of toolgun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
179Third person toggle should not break randomly anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
178Fishes swimming at the lake!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
177Police commander MP5 removed since it was not realistic.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
176Police is not able to spawn a M4A1 anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
175Special Service has P228 instead of USP now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
174Drug lab model changed to a more suitable one.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
173Contraband will not spawn money anymore when energy is 0.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
172Contraband makes sound when spawning money.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
171Flip contraband by pressing e on it.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
170New rule added, please read rule 8 from the general rules.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
169Ability for admins to blacklist people from cars.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
168Vehicle access added (v)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
167Santa hats added!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
166Dropped items will not fall trough your self made constructions anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
165Letter models added!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
164Admins can change fail ingame names easily now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
163Security improvements.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
162Random Yeah sounds while fishing.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
161New rules added, rule 17 and 18 from General.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
160New admin command added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
159Suits go to inventory when manufactured.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
158BMW handling improved and more speed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
157You can now use /me and /it while sleeping.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
156Prevented spam at handcuffs and rope when target got already away.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
155New VW Golf MKII which replaced the Minivan.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
154Unownable removed from doors, instead it just displays name of door.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
153Missing textures modena fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
152New content pack on website.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
151Weed price lowered.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
150Car lock/unlock spam solved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
149KFC takeaway removed: not much used and buggy.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
148Gas mask usable at every job.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
147ADV Duplicator newest SVN version.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
146Drug dealer NPC added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
145Weed unable to manufacture.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
144Growable weed will get upright after each grow.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
143Press E to flip your weed plant.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
142Weedplant will not give seed anymore, otherwise it is too easy to farm.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
141UMP ammo bug solved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
140Reserved slot added for admins.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
139Ban system bug solved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
138Tazer wakeup when dead glitch fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
137Ammo glitch fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
136Growable weed for the Black Market Dealer added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
135Growable weed spawnable by all underground jobs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
134Weed item removed from shop.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
133When dropping multiple items, it will no-collide, so no prop-explosion anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
132Flip car when it is upside down by using /flip.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
131Admin command giveitem improved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
130Tax system added!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
129Petrol canister price lowered to 1000.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
128Taser max distance a bit increased.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
127No warrant expire time anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
126Warrants will be announced in broadcast.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
125Warrant wallhack bug removed, you can see if someone is warrranted by aiming at him.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
124Supra nitro fix.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
123New hands model.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
122Citroen 7CV passenger seat a bit lowered.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
121New handling for the Golf.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
120New handling for the Police Car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
119Sparks removed from contraband.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
118Roleplay points added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
117Gas mask required 10 roleplay points to be manufactured.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
116Time played icon changed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
115Gun Dealer name change to Arms Dealer.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
114Job descriptions improved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
113Added more people to the credits page.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
112Some grammar fixes in the derma panels.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
111Rules updated and new ones added, be sure to read them.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
110Random invisible props all over the city are prevented now!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
109Third Person stability improvement.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
108Unemployed changed to 50 max, this should be the same as server slots.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
107Special Service now also able to spawn police cars.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
106You can take a meal inside a car at KFC drive-in.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
105Fixed some models and materials not downloading from server.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
104New content pack available at website.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
103Ninja suit, admin suit and gasmask suit glitch removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
102New murcielago model and handling.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
101Now you can safe 500 dollar by making ammo via mixtures!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
100Price of ingredients lowered.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
99Price of mixtures lowered.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
98Every job can manufacture mixtures now, the ingredients you get at the BMD.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
97Admin suits exploit fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
96Added BMW GTR bind to the bind list.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
95Fixed fish description in inventory.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
94Major handling improvement Supra.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
93Death message fixed and improved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
92Horn and siren should work for everyone now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
91Another attempt to fix the inventory bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
90Increased 2 hours to 4 hours to become Police Officer.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
89Increased 4 hours to 6 hours to become Police Commander.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
88Increased 8 hours to 10 hours to become President.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
87To prevent abuse, upload option at ADV Duplicator is removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
86Some props added to block list.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
85Security updates.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
84Added the local event command, use /it.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
83Fire removed from petrol canister, use molotovs.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
82Ability to handcuff knocked out persons.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
81Ability to rope knocked out persons.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
80Status like sleeping, tranquilized, etc. when aiming at ragdoll.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
79Third person, in beta still.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
78Players wil receive warning message when hunger is greater than or equal to 99%.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
77Some improvements that hopefully makes the gamemode more stable.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
76Elevator gives warning not to unholster weapons.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
75Fishing spot improved much.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
74Reminder to read the rules at spawn.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
73The yellow lua error removed at join, about a dropMenu.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
72Contra refund command fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
71Donation page updated.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
70New donation system at website for faster service.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
69Horn, siren and caralarm files added to auto-download.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
68BMW 750i buyable in store again.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
67Added amount to drop on inventory.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
66Fish removed from store.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
65Fish only available by catching with Fishing Rod.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
64You see if the car is locked or not when you aim at it.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
63If you lock your car from outside, the whole car is locked.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
62Play time in hours showed on the scoreboard.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
61Some grammer fixes in credit page.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
60Some grammar fixes in rules page.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
59Attempt to make BMW more stable.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
58Some bugfixes.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
57Improved stability script.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
56Admin ban commands fully working.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
55Vehicle views will not mess up after some time, hopefully.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
540.00 behind chat removed. (Gmod bug)Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
53Suits can not be manufactured by non-donators.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
52Government vehicles goes in inventory when manufactured.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
51Added car alarm when vehicle gets lockpicked.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
50Added new rules, suggested by Killjoy.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
49@ command disabled since Gmod update broke it.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
48Injection needle now has timer too.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
47Flare smoke removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
46Knockout wake-up stick replaced by Taser gun.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
45You can not spawn a car inside buildings anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
44Unable to run when hostaged/arrested.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
43Ability to turn on/off the engine with /engine command.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
42Clothes now buyable in normal store.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
41Instead of briefcase you see your suit now in inventory.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
40Clothes are inside briefcase when dropped.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
39The car spray gives you a new color instead of a random one.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
38Respray sound more realistic.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
37Loading page speed improvement. Table to CSS3.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
36Custom rope model added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
35Admins can also refund people now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
34Handcuff world model added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
33Donate page in F1 updated.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
32Some minor grammar fixes in F1.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
31Vending machine at Used Cars in forest removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
30Car refill at BP.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
29Skins can be changed at BP.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
28Vehicle not able to store in garage if the fuel is less than 50%Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
27Cars spawns locked.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
26Added 3d text on doors.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
25Vehicle script optimization.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
24Broken passengers vehicle bug solved.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
23Fixed another vehicle bug.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
22You can now lock your car from inside, use mouse buttons.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
21Improved outside views of cars.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
20Police car spawn fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
19Police ram warrant bug fixed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
18Car locked when spawned.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
17Fireaxe can now activate keypads.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
16Police Ram can activate keypad when owner is warranted.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
15Crackers from police and fireman deleted.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
14Siren added again for police car.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
13Play time added in HUD.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
12For commander, officer and president you need a X amount of time.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
11Database gets now updated every minute instead of every 5 minutes.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
10Play time changed so it looks better.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
9BMW back seats lowered.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
8BMW unable to pickup now.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
7Rule 8 and 9 in Tools/Props added, read it!Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
6Useless compass removed.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
5Fixed chinese from vending machines timer error.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
4Police can not handcuff other Government members anymore.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
3BMW added.Avatar UnloggedUnlogged
2Changelog cleaned up.Avatar Unlogged2010-12-18