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[Image: Kaizen_Logo_final_small.png]

[Image: m97VwAX.png]
The year was 2006, exactly 22 years after Miki Kaizen was born in the city of Tokyo.
It was at this very day, his two years older brother Kenji Kaizen took Miki for a ride, It was definitely not a normal ride.
This was the first time Miki went street racing, and it was absolutely not his last either. In fact, Miki was so engrossed into the racing, that he chose to get his own race car.
Unfortunately for Miki, he had no money. He didn't even have a job that could pay anything near a car which could compete with the others.

This takes us to the next chapter.
Miki Kaizen chose to do some shady underground business, only to earn a bit of money.
Fortunately for him, it wasn't only a bit of money, in fact; he had to hire more employees.
In no time Miki had enough money to buy a competing race car, just like his brother's.

Miki was now training with his brother. And since Miki was so engrossed by the racing, he wanted to train all day, all night.
But he just couldn't let his small underground company go to waste, so he chose to find time to both his company and his training.
After training no more than a week, Chan was already better than his older brother Kenji.
At this point, Chan went to random street races around the city. And of course, he won them all.
And who doesn't know that winning races grants you both fame and money?
With this money, which he both got from his company and his racing, he bought a new house.
At this house, he held massive parties, gaining him even more fame.

A few weeks later, his friends and acquaintances started to ask him about racing teams.
And of course, Miki adopted this suggestion delighted.
Miki chose to call his group "Kaizen", meaning "Improvements" in English.

[Image: L6edhas.png]
Our crew focuses on illegal street racing and other criminal acts.
Our goal is to become the greatest street racing crew there is. We organize local street races for both our crew members and the public.
Apart from the street racing, we also execute well-planned heists to earn our much-needed money.

[Image: atISK0Z.png]
[Image: GOytdPD.png]
Street King
The Street King is the highest leader of them all. He will make sure everything is done as it should.
The street king, will together with the Mastermind, set up races around the city.

[Image: g3MT0FC.png]
The Kingpin is the one who plans new races, coordinates the crew and basically takes all the heavy load off the Street King.
If any crew members got a problem, they'll go to the Kingpin, which then can go to the Street King if necessary.

[Image: HJmONY0.png]
Loyal Crew Member
This rank will be given to a Rookie which has shown his loyalty to the group.
A loyal Crew Member is the most common rank in the group, this is where all the street racing happens.

[Image: cE63BwO.png]
Flag Girl
The “Flag Girl”, or what some others would call them: Side-B*tches, are around when the races begin.
Their main job is to start the races. But also make sure everyone is having a good time.

[Image: dMsAjCa.png]
Lookouts are the ones that are making sure that there is no heat at the races.
They are always aware of the police force and the police radios to make sure, that the racers are safe
from getting caught.

[Image: FSSbksA.png]
The mechanic is the one keeping all the cars up to date with the newest styles, modifications and more.
Whether it is for the Street King or one of the Rookies.

[Image: cnUxhsp.png]
Someone who is new to street racing will start here. They will learn everything they need to know to progress.
The Rookie will need to show his loyalty before gaining a higher rank.
This is the only rank that can be applied to.

[Image: Rank_Tree.png]

[Image: zEQKo06.png]
Street King (1/1)
Miki Kaizen - Balls

Sebastian "Moxew" Johnson - Moxew

Race Advisor (0/3)

Loyal Crew Member (0/*)

Flag Girl (0/4)

Lookout (0/4)


Mikàl Vsauce - dres
Edgar 'Zulu' Hudson - Zulu

[Image: EU12N8q.png]
Chi No Hebi
Spoiler :
[Image: 9FWCM7r.png]

[Image: PxFhfjI.png]

[Image: VFu1AQX.png]
- Able to use either a suit, Philip Marlowe, Worn Out Security Outfit or Tracksuit.
- Be active on the servers and able to participate in a decent amount of Clan RP's.
- Possession of any sort of racing car. (Similar to the Nissan Skyline)
- Have a minimum of 200 hours. (Exceptions can occur)
- A Decent understanding of English.
- 14 years or older.

[Image: CWH7dCM.png]


[b][OOC Information][/b]
Steam Name:
Hours on the server:

[b][IC Information][/b]
Why do you want to join our crew?:
Owned vehicles:

Previous Crew
Spoiler :
Clark Seven - STEAM_0:1:95125693 - Spear
Riko Kaizen - STEAM_0:1:39143054 - connbob
Budy Bentley - STEAM_0:0:1839316 - Budy
Joseph Vantiago Deacon - STEAM_0:1:110109118 - Joe Joe Binks
John Price - STEAM_0:0:84350467 - Teendiver
Semichi 'Zo' Aquino - STEAM_0:0:81986316 - Janzo
Anna 'A' Elizabeth - STEAM_0:0:77252893 - Apple
Nero Vanetti - STEAM_0:0:70302805 - Arkten
Will Ritchson - STEAM_0:0:53586752 - The Best Goat
Jim Woods - STEAM_0:0:101020112 - Jim
Phil O'Neill - STEAM_0:0:67538183 - Sinclare
Austin 'dawson' Powers - STEAM_0:1:109786380 - dawson270500
Alex Hoxton - STEAM_0:1:179883897 - NightStriker
Daniel 'White' Vans - STEAM_0:0:81603504 - Emish
Walter 'Rosenberg' Black - STEAM_0:1:72475001 - TheGamerGuyGBR
Joel Westley - STEAM_0:1:82802151 - Zunee
Sir Isaac 'Josh' Curtis - STEAM_0:0:49406826 - Hendy
Melissa Brown - STEAM_0:0:70139572 - Peekay
Morgan 'K' Anderson - STEAM_0:1:29168554 - Hesoyam
Jordan 'Jordy' Cartwright - STEAM_1:1:70533265 - Jordy
Niko 'Strike' White - STEAM_0:0:50205437 - StrikeOne
Sam Davies - STEAM_0:1:29565495 - Molyneux481
Mia Elizabeth Finch - STEAM_0:1:70457151 - [FL:RP] Ratatoskrr
Josh Bullsack - STEAM_0:1:57372971 - JoshZ
John Hoxton - STEAM_0:0:51937092 - :[FL:RP] JohnSilver
Florianna Aldante Costello - STEAM_0:1:71438206 - Velsar
John Shavit - STEAM_0:0:42527628 - [FL:RP] MonsterClown
Alfredo Hernandez - STEAM_0:0:63860416 - Nipple
Daniel Smith - STEAM_0:0:78348183 - Mr Wolf
Isabella Price - STEAM_0:1:78460908 - [FL:RP] Idea
Zachary "GI" Thornhill - STEAM_0:1:44247397 - GI Yonno
Samuel "Diablo" Fernandez - STEAM_0:1:179883897 - NightStriker

Aight Lets do this!
Good luck lads. Looks good.
Good luck
Looks good, Balls. Good luck!
Looks good! Good luck.
Thats a peng roll
Good luck
That looks very nice, Good Luck!
Looks cool and original.

Best of luck mate!
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