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Deleted User

[FLBig GrinJ][FL:RP] SirMinus

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31977033

Hours on CityRP: 856 hours (though I have been here since 2011/12).

Role-play points: 10 RPP

4 bans and most recent was the start of this year.

Are you able to use and speak good English?
I speak perfect English and am at the moment in the process of doing my English GCSE's. I'm grammatically correct, know how to communicate properly through English even though I'm Welsh and in my area the primary language used is Welsh and I go to a Welsh school which has good English teachers.

Why do you think you deserve the position?
I feel as if I could aid players with many things in the server like building, roleplaying tips and also hopefully help players fully learn the rules and avoid getting bans. I have previously made a teacher application but removed it as there were a lot of teachers at the time and I feel as if there was little need for another but recently with people retiring from teacher and players leaving the server I feel I could be of some use. 

I recently took a small rest from the server to get my shit together irl and have a large amount of time to dedicate to the server as of now, but since my return I've noticed there is much less passiveRP than before I left which really confused me. I believe that there being less teachers and people to promote these passiveRP's is a big part of it as newcomers are seeing less of these types of RP's and they feel that their passive rp's will be ignored by other players or nobody will visit. I recently joined v4b1 and as I stood at spawn I said something along the lines of "there's never any PassiveRP's anymore" and a newish player replied with "because passiveRP's have no reward and are pointless" which actually quite shocked me. To think that these players will be spending hundreds of hours on the server with these beliefs and will end up teaching new players this GTA mentality that there is "no point of doing this because this other way is more rewarding" and it's simply a pointless thing to do. I think teaching new players the  fun in passiveRP's instead of the fact there isn't much literal gain when it comes to money or material items but the fact it helps develop your roleplaying character and making the world in the server seem alive and real.

I now wish to discuss my reason behind my lack of hours. I'm not going to bullshit to you, I was permabanned for a year. The reason to this is that I was taught by an ex-staff member back in 2013 (not going to name but they no longer play FL) a trick to spawn in certain banned props. I used the trick the once and tried to show it to an admin to report it and I was banned. After a year this ban was lifted as I made a full apology and explained the situation completely to the admin team which I am still really grateful for. Because I felt quite embarrassed after being banned and as I used to play on a fairly shitty laptop I gave FL a huge break and every couple months I would pop in and check in on the server. I then took a year break due to personal problems. During this year break something else broke - my voice. I recently in late 2015 began to fully and properly play FL again and have learned so much, met so many people and accumulated on top of my pre-ban hours about 300 hours. 

I do have a fairly large amount of blacklists which I am more than happy to explain. 
  • 'Spamming ooc after warning' - This was given as I was a part of a group who were having a laugh and typing using spaces after every letter like "H e l l o". I was just the final person in OOC to do it so I got a blacklist.
  • "Dropping people from the nexus top floor with 'weapon scanner'" - I was ordered by president to use his "weapon scanner" device to scan some firemen. I originally used /me to RP the scan but president ordered me to use the button or I would be demoted. I used the button which actually opened a fading door and the firemen fell to their deaths. I received a blacklist as I was the one who used the scanner and I believe the president also received one.
  • "NLR" - I cannot remember receiving this but it was probably in a raid where I just wasn't thinking properly, not gonna make excuses.
  • 'Shooting at props, spaming the baton onto a prop' - I remember this clearly. Nexus Desk Secretary had a breakable glass door and he refused to open it to let me in as a cop so I began to hit it over and over. I was blacklisted because I should have asked for him to be demoted and not done that myself.
  • FailRP, missusing your firetools. - A molotov was thrown inside a prop house inwhich rebels were actually gunfighting in. We broke through the door and put out the fire and aided the SRU in with us to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. I received the BL as they should have gotten a search warrant instead of us opening it for them.
  • Posting external link on ooc - To be fair this was a joke which was taken seriously (like I've seen people getting banned for saying shit like "imma ddos server lol jk") where I posted a fake link in OOC saying something like "www.pornhub.com" with a fake "/????" at the end for a laugh but to be fair this is technically still a link even though it goes nowhere.
  • Invalid reason to knife the president. - I was breaking Lordofthesilverrings out of jail and the president came in the elevator. I repeatedly told him to get in the corner of the elevator but he kept trying to run out of elevator so I stabbed him. I believe I was blacklisted as I should've called an admin which is quite fair to be truthful.
  • BRA (66936) - Mass random Demote - After cops raided my friends I managed to get the pres or vice pres job (can't quite remember) and told them all to leave them alone and that they now work for the government. They refused and I demoted them. I was blacklisted because it was apparently "mass random demote".
  • BRA (66008) - Raiding as BMD, FailRP - Called to labs to give shipments, they told me to come down with them and I heard gunshots, I equipped a gun and put it away then went with them. I can see how this would count as raiding.
  • Killing someone as a 'vlogger' and RDM - Guy broke into my house during my vlogger RP and decided to attack me and my friend. I killed him and it was classed as FailRP because of my job which I didn't and still don't really agree with.
  • Stealing car right when someone unlocked it - This was straight after I joined FL and began playing again properly. I became a criminal and when a guy hopped out of his car and went to lock it I stole it and drove off. This was really just my stupidity and excitement of being back on the server again.
Though most of these blacklists were from early 2013 when I was still a bit of a moron though I have changed a lot since then.

This is my application, thank you for reading. Though I may not quite hit the hours limit I believe I am experienced enough and all I need is for a trial of sorts to just show what I could bring as a teacher. Please feel free to -support or +support but please try to specify what I could do to improve (not saying you need to, I'd just appreciate it). I will also update hours and add more to the app every now and again to keep you informed. Once again, thanks lads and gals.
Great lad and put much effort into his application

Kind regards

Deleted User

(05-21-2016, 01:25 AM)Smile* Wrote: [ -> ]+Support
Great lad and put much effort into his application

Kind regards

Thanks man, appreciate it.
+support banter and keem

Deleted User

Lol, thanks lad.
Huge +Support
We played Yesterday(?) on V4B1 in that Tai Chi RP. And you seem like you know the rules, you are a good RPer, and on top of that, funny. Thats why im gonna give you a -support! Just kidding. HUUUUUUGE +Supoort
BIG +support

Nicely made application, good lad

I have seen you around and you seem to be very friendly plus your application is very detailed. Good luck!
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