Forum Announcement: How to become Staff
[Image: QraVWG9.png]

We’re looking for people who believe that they can make a difference on Fearless, providing a spark of life and energy - committing their passions to keeping the server clean, providing roleplay to the player base and also striving for positive change in how we handle our internal side of work. With this role you will get the chance to vote on rule changes, protocol and more.
You need to be an active player on our servers, however making yourself known on the forums is not a requirement. If you are to be present in the community, it is important that you are not toxic. Instead, you should be applying constructive criticism and have a sense of optimism, rather than showing signs of having a mob mentality. Professionalism is key.
Here are a short but to the point summary of what we want and expect from our applications:
Activity / Loyalty (you need to be present on the server and shouldn’t let us worry about you coming and going)
Maturity (be professional and optimistic, pointless toxicity won’t get you anywhere!)
Good behaviour (you need to follow the rules in order to withhold them)
Fair judgement (it’s important you show no sign of bias)
If you are to be accepted, you will be put into our Trial Admin team and be assigned a Mentor from our current Administrative team. Your Trial will have no fixed length, but you will continuously be assessed on your performance in the role for it's duration, being given feedback from your Mentor where necessary. When we feel you are ready to proceed to the Admin team, we will promote you accordingly.
We don’t outright decline staff applications, we try to give as much feedback as possible based on the problems which were raised in our internal discussions. Your application will have some feedback as to what we are waiting to see from you and after 1 month you can submit another application and if we deem that our worries are no longer relevant, you may be more likely to get accepted unless new problems have arisen.
With the introduction of Staff applications, the administrative team will no longer be making suggestions for staff, instead we will solely be gaining staff members through people who actively choose to apply through this forum. Your application can only be seen by yourself as well as the administrative team (Administrators and above).
The application template is listed below, unlike other applications for our community, this application does not have recommendations, instead everything listed in the application are requirements and so your application will not be successful if you have failed to meet them.

[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Steam ID:[/b]

[b]Hours on CityRP:[/b]
[i](Must have 750 hours+ and been actively playing throughout the last month)[/i]
[b]Role-play Points:[/b]
[b]Have you received a punishment in the last month?:[/b]
[i](You should have no punishments in the last 3 months)[/i]
[b]Are you able to speak good English?:[/b]
[i](You must have a good understanding of the language[/i])
[b]Why do you think you deserve the position?:[/b]
[i](Must be at least 300 words)[/i]

We hope that by allowing players to submit applications, we are able to be more open in allowing candidates we may not have considered before - as well as bringing to our attention players that are perhaps not as well known! If you manage to get through to the Administrator rank and choose to resign, you will be rewarded with the Veteran rank which includes a set of rewards such as a free Donator rank as a thank you for your service. However, not all staff members will receive the rank after resigning. This is due to them committing misconduct during their service and it may be taken from you after you’re gone, if you choose to let go of your role model status.