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Gmod broken
To prevent threads like: Why does my GMod crashes? Here a quote from

Quote:If you’ve tried to start GMod in the last few hours you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t work. That’s because Valve released an engine update. It seems kind of fitting that GMod be broken on its birthday Smile

I had planned to fix this and release an update quite soon - but things didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. Valve hasn’t uploaded the updated engine code yet - so I can’t make GMod compatible. Doh.

Hopefully this will be all fixed by tomorrow - I can do nothing but apologies for the downtime. If it’s any consolation this won’t happen anymore when we hit version 13 - because we’ll be shipping our own engine.
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God freaking lazy sods at valve. They need to get their shit together
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Ooo Garry doing is own Engine when Gmod is version 13.... That sounds awesome Big Grin
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Finally a day off school and then Gmod is down, perfect.
Happily Insane
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excatly scattle i also had a day off yesterday and today lol. and cant play gmod that sux -_-
I'm so bored that I played CSS Jailbreak and raged about everything over mic -.-
Happily Insane
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i'm so bored that i play CSS ZE
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Would it be possible to roleplay in CSS? If so, could be fun for the time being.
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer Big Grin
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(11-30-2011, 04:41 PM)SoulRipper Wrote: Would it be possible to roleplay in CSS? If so, could be fun for the time being.

Ye we could roleplay "Counter Terrorist's" Againts "Terrorist" Could be fun. No wait, thats normal css.

Nope, no roleplay in CSS

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