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How to Change the Skybox on Any Map
Hello! Raffi here (as you might have guessed) with a console tutorial! Today, I shall teach you how to temporarily change the skybox of any map for your machinima or still-image! (etc etc)

First of all, load a map in singleplayer. For this tutorial I'll use RP_EvoCity_v2d.

[Image: rpevocityv2d0001.jpg]

When you've loaded up the map, type in this console command:

sv_skyname and then the skybox name.
Find skybox names here:

Left 4 Dead 1/2 skyboxes will not work.

If you get the name wrong, the sky will apprear pitch black. On some computers the sky will appear to leave a large visual trail.

I'll use this: sv_skyname sky_ep01_00
The skybox used in RP_EvoCity_v2d is called assault.

After you've submitted this console command, save the game and load it. When the map loads..

[Image: rpevocityv2d0002x.jpg]

The skybox has changed! And everytime you load that file, the skybox will be changed. However, if you launch the map through Singleplayer, the skybox will have returned to normal.
You can do this on any Source game, except for those which do not have an offline feature. In other words, this works in any Half-Life game (except for the original Half-Life and its expansion packs, which do not run on the Source engine. Nor will it work with Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2, as they do not have offline features*.), and it works in a similar way. But unlike Garry's Mod, the Half-Life games have Quick-Save and Quick Load - and these can be used to change the skybox of any map.

Good day to you all! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

* I do not own Day of Defeat: Source.
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Awesome Raffi. Big Grin
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Raffi rocks :p
<3<3 I will never forget you grandfather 14.9.11 R.I.P<3<3

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Epic :o never knew that.
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Thanks guys.

Yeah, I was snooping around in the Valve Developer Community site while testing my new map, and I found an article about this.

So I thought I'd share it, but in my own writing.
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Mhhh... lets get a new sky on RP Big Grin

I smell DOOM Atmosphere Big Grin
Dare to think!
Sadly it doesn't work with Multiplayer...

To change it in multiplayer you'd have to change the skybox of the .vmf file, and that changes the skybox permanently (not to mention forcing people to redownload the map).
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