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Family RP
Me and Noise were doing a little RP in the slums to day. We were a wonderful family until he got drunk and abusive.

Our family photo before we got into rough times
[Image: 8D494596F1A5B52C79E5B3F20F1147B5330706A5]
Bath time!
[Image: C0946A7F01FE09510BD403A7677974A0E43F6C2B]
Sleep time!
[Image: 2FCC9AFDDD8355208C425DE99FD11327317AFA52]
But then Kevin got very abusive and shot our child and me.
[Image: 87D2944D6FF192667FC6835C635D785043EEF8B9]
[Image: 5A1F61772E279886455FCEDCFAAEA8F30A103C1F]
Kevin choking our other child...
[Image: B997EFA20F24265B317502DAAB50E3A94B36D679]
(Random shoot out that has nothing to do with our roleplay but I added it anyway)
[Image: 0B39813C9A822F5B17A56FCB0CAFC362CAC49BCA]
So then Kevin started abusing me, I got scared, he took my phone away, I lost all sanity and was in a extremely deep depression. He locked me in the house and drank beer outside in the porch. So I went mad and set the gas stove on...
[Image: 9EB3B18E3A8E01A3B4EBB67D3C577C0D11228B0F]
Kevin walked in the house just as the kitchen blew up
[Image: 1E218D4E1A9A90FABF2D7A4B1D01DEC2A16EB63A]
He shot me, and I fell to the ground in the bedroom when it caught on fire, the house was filling up with smoke quickly
[Image: F8551B1FD6284C6B13411FB2BFAE885000474B71]
I managed to crawl out of the house through the kitchen, I called the police but when they found me, they were to late. Kevin shot me and was arrested by the police. He still rots in his cell to this day.

I did this wrong din't I...
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Wooow amazing!
[Image: zuaxxsignaturefinalpart.gif]
I very interesting roleplay and build, nice work.
Haha, nice Big Grin
[Image: kqyCRT0.png]
Very nice.
[Image: template.png]
Holy cow... That was amazing... Just wished it didn't end badly.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Kula if he stops being a robot -_-

No no Kula = Drunk always get in trouble

Prosto = Killing Kula

Kula = Killing Prosto

Me = Oh cant i just get a normal family?
[Image: Sanik.png]
The kids look cute!
I hate kevin..

Anyways looks good!
reg someone

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